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Gemini Full Moon, exact 2.35pm, Dec 19th AEDT and it looks like fun, just in time for the festive season...

If Full Moons are a barometer of our emotional mood, Gemini Moons are sparkly... we love to be busy with lots of shiny distractions, flit around in social butterfly mode, keep it light & multitask rather than get too heavy with specific obligations.

And opposite the Sun in Sagittarius, it's worth noting this Moon trines restless, expansive Sag ruler Jupiter -so we really don't want to be pinned down right now, we are too busy chasing our wildest dreams!

Also the Sun/Moon polarity is squared by slippery, spooky Neptune. On the one hand this inspires our most creative, visionary vibe-to avoid boring expectations and embrace magical, meaningful pleasures that actually turn us on.

On the other hand tempted to slither around being louche as fuq, indulging every decadent whim and end up being kind of scatty -might want to watch that.

And ok if we are going to lush out, might as well be during Festive season...I mean we need some joy after the headfuq of the last 18 months right?

So go have a good time this week folks, let's be playful & keep it as positive as possible. Happy Full Moon & Happy party season x


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