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Gemini New Moon, exact 9.30pm May 30th, AEST.

New Moons are always a fresh emotional perspective, to clarify our feelings about whatever is going on. And the thing about busy, complex Gemini is there is always a lot going on, and so many multifaceted feelings coming up about it.

Because Gemini energy is foxy clever, so we tend to analyse every angle rather than just sit still with our emotions; and anyway has a shockingly low attention span, so our feelings & thoughts are kaleidoscopic, and just keep swirling around with so many points of attention to choose from!

Gosh so actually we can be highly emotionally intelligent here, as we take into consideration every subtle nuance of our situation, and allow ourselves the shades of grey & human complexity, in terms of how we deal with it. Especially syncing Mars on the healer Chiron, we allow our wilfulness to be tempered by gentle self care and empathy for others as we go. The better to work the Gemini gift of nuanced communication, so our relationships benefit from mutual understanding as we seek to understand how we even feel about life right now.

Now that kind of compassion is really smart!

Because otherwise we can be emotionally chaotic, overwhelmed by mixed messages from one another and become cynical about analysing our feelings & relationships: to the point of disconnected, smart arse intellectual and relationship game-playing. Know what I mean?

Happy New Moon folks, let's keep it loving, caring & self-aware x

Image: fab pic by cosmic collage.


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