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So sweet Venus and Bitch Lilith in your natural habitat, the mentally busy 3rd house early Oct. You get to entertain all sorts of creative ideas, with your unique, clever perspective. And rock your famous communication style; a combination of sweet talking, silver tongue charm and acerbic wit. I mean do admit you can tend to speak in riddles, even at your most eloquent to keep people on their toes -and can be quite the smart ass with the people who can’t keep up, lol.

Hopefully having fun with this, as your ruler Mercury joins Mars in your confident 5th house, early Oct. Permission to play, with whatever weird notions have been turning you on intellectually. And express yourself accordingly.

Especially by the New Moon, Solar Eclipse of Oct 15th, in your 5th house. Conjunct Mercury and opposite the Destiny Point and healer Chiron in your social sector:

To network with the people who get whatever you’re on about, or at least challenge you in interesting ways for the intellectual stimulation you adore. And showing up on the scene, just for fun socialising buzz. And so nice to spend quality time with close friends, to bond with the tribe who care about you unconditionally.

Meanwhile speaking of tribe; Venus & Lilith conjunct, as they move into your home sector from Oct 9th. The same communication skills apply: Maybe family dynamics and domestic harmony is sweet, as you get along with the people you most care about. Or maybe any tricky family/co hab issues are triggering, to arc up about asserting your point of view? It’s about finding the balance, of course, to cultivate healthy relationships at home, in a way that allows you to be true to yourself. Same goes for shacked up partner love/seducing a lover on home turf, by the way.

Because then Pluto turns direct Oct 11th, in your 8th house of personal entanglements-family, financial as well as sexy intimacy.

I mean after Pluto in your 8th house for the last several years, you’ve totally got a handle on whatever passion, power trips and deep feelings have been rising up in your key, close relationships. Its been a trip, right, revealing the deep undercurrents you’ve had to deal with?

So now Pluto direct is a blast of clarity, to complete this rite of passage until Feb, understanding your interpersonal dynamics as best as possible.

The Solar Eclipse of Oct 15th helps, conjunct Mercury to liven up any playful, flirty vibes, to keep things sweet as you go.

Meanwhile as Venus/Lilith also opposite Saturn in your brilliant career sector, just as Mars charges into your practical 6th house, work/lifestyle sector from Oct 12th.

Getting your act together, with positive lifestyle habits and productive work ethic feels so damn energising! I mean Mars here can tend to be quite disciplinarian. Pushing yourself with hard-ass physical workouts and, especially trine Saturn in your biz sector, flogging yourself on the job just to please the boss, or some internalised sense of professional duty? Which is great and all, to be your best self.

But also, healthy Ceres in your 6th house cares about your broader, holistic wellbeing. Self care can look like nourishing diet and sustainable, restorative fitness goals. And choosing to focus your energy on professional goals that are actually fulfilling, in terms of your meaningful sense of purpose in the world. Know what I mean?

I mean Mercury and the Solar Eclipse in your 5th house, mid month is playful creative expression, of your talent. You’re supposed to have fun with this!

Then the partial Lunar Eclipse, Oct 29th in your soul sector. Permission to align daily habits with your spiritual integrity, to live with truth. Sweet x

Image: unable to find original credit for this cool picture.


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