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So your ruler Mercury, with Mars in your creative, fun, self expression sector recently has been inspiring; to be true to yourself, your natural gifts & enjoy whatever you love doing for a good time.

And now with Mars into your practical work/health sector from Nov 1st till mid December: you are ready to apply the necessary discipline, to translate your personal confidence into a productive daily routine. Your work ethic & exercise/wellbeing regime is suddenly so ferociously energised this month -you are ready to live healthy & wealthy for sure.

Also wise, with clever Mercury approaching Mars for the New Moon of Nov 5th in your work/health sector. This is where you are so switched on, with the intelligence to focus your efforts on professional schemes and holistic mind/body/emotional wellbeing habits that actually work; to achieve the most functional & fulfilling lifestyle you can. This feels pretty good, right?

Meanwhile Venus in your love sector since Oct 7th has been sweet for harmonious relationship dynamics, especially if you have a partner to call your own. Or even if single have been getting on with people that matter to you generally, and maybe attracting romantic attention on the dating scene as you go.

So now, we have to talk about Venus in your sex/intimacy/financial entanglements sector from Nov 5th till early March -4 whole months to get dirty, real and passionate with the people you really care about…

And lol, I said get dirty humorously. Because for such a sparkly, charming, fascinating sign who adores the verbal repartee of playing with mutual attraction-and you prefer the stimulating company of being in a relationship than single life; do admit you can be kind of avoidant/tricky when it comes to the messy business of deeper, vulnerable connection?

Hmmm, but also you do have the romantic intelligence, and curiosity to get into the nuance of what makes one another tick when you’re really in love or at least intrigued by someone just as interesting as you, enough to let your guard down. And Venus could be just the thing; to explore a meaningful, mutual understanding & sexy intimacy with a truly special person close to your heart. Nice.

Also Venus here is great, to finesse any mutually beneficial biz/financial negotiations advantageously. Especially with Mercury/Mars in your work sector this month; you are so onto talking up your latest professional scheme or impressing the boss/clients etc with that genius of yours- you are bound to get the right people interested in whatever you’re on about. And the confidence to back it up with a serious work ethic -go you!

Then the Full Moon of the 19th in your soul sector -to tune into whatever inner, spiritual inspo & sense of purpose is driving you right now. If you’re going to be out there determined to thrive this month, might as well really believe in what you’re doing huh?

Image: Riley Montana for MAC


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