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So the New Moon of the 15th in your work/lifestyle sector has your clever ruler Mercury involved; so you’re thrashing out questions around what you do for a living, whether it stimulates your brilliant mind or not & how to hustle a gig that actually turns you on…

Because to be honest wage slavery just for the sake of money/paying the bills doesn’t really cut it here –especially with visionary Neptune in your career sector you’ve got way more meaningful vocational goals going on-and it feels so right to believe in your higher sense of purpose in the world. But also there’s nothing wrong with earning good coin whilst you’re at it, because the spectacularly lucrative Jupiter/Pluto action exact this month in your 8th house of biz/financial entanglements, midpointing the Neptune/New Moon career magic is amazing for hustling big money scenarios!

Meanwhile the 8th house is also about sexy intimate entanglements & your passionate love life, so lucky Jupiter awakening the raw, primal desire nature of Pluto here is seriously hot. So you’re exploring deep& meaningful connection, perhaps with more intense feelings/commitment levels than you’re normally comfortable with; but happily also Venus in your romance sector to work that playful, flirty touch of yours to keep it sweet. Pretty nice huh?

Then the Gemini Full Moon of the 30th brings the love, lifestyle, work synergy together. It brings your emotional intelligence to however you express yourself, for maximum spunky charisma. And the Sun in your partnership sector to shine your loving light on the relational vibe. And Venus in your work sector opposite sparky Uranus; to break free of the daily grind with a truly innovative, creative version of doing what you’re good at in the world -to fund whatever satisfying, pleasurably lush lifestyle you want to live.

Speaking of which, meanwhile you have Mars direct from the 15th in your social sector; to fire up your savvy networking skills professionally and also swan around on the scene just because it feels so good to show off your gorgeous, confident self with your tribe/the people you most relate to huh?

Image: via ELAN, unable to find original credit for this fab picture.


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