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So your ruler Mercury is kind of busy this month, to keep your curious, clever mind fully stimulated: 

Mercury conjunct Neptune in early March, in your brilliant career sector stimulates your sense of higher vocational calling, with clever strategies to work your creative biz genius. 

Then swanning through your social sector for the second half of March, where you love chatting up a storm, connecting with equally cool people who get your intellectual buzz. Especially conjunct Destiny Point & healer Chiron here, to discover the crew with whom you feel emboldened to be your true self, and explore your most meaningful sense of purpose in the world.

I mean as such a social creature, it matters to have people to bounce ideas off for intellectual stimulation and, as insouciant as you can be, do admit it matters to you, to feel an essential part of the scene? 

Also any vulnerability revealing itself is a sign you’re on the right track -if authentic self expression gets positive attention, all good. Or if certain folk don’t get your genius, ideally you don’t give a fuq? It’s all about being ok with your own, unique point of view, to align right action with your personal life plan -which makes your unique charisma so beguiling, don’t you know? And, crucially, healthy self acceptance as you are. 

Which must be important; as Mercury turns retro, from the end of March to go back and finesse the whole process, throughout April and early May. Way to work fresh perspective on your social life, supremely comfortable in your skin! 

Meanwhile the New Moon of March 10th, in your brilliant career sector:

Conjunct Saturn is all about knowing how to function in the straight world. You get smart about dealing with authority figures in work/biz. As much as you hold your own with elegant, internal locus of power, even if certain control freaks are on your case? Maybe claiming your authority with integrity, as head honcho of your own biz etc? Also you are clever enough, with your famous gift of the gab; to diplomatically schmooze the right, influential people. Especially Venus turning up from the 12th-call it networking or playing the game, your professional charm is so on point! 

Also this New Moon sync Uranus in your soul sector. You are lowkey working your own visionary, creative agendas into any professional progress going on. Your agenda is more radically exciting than it looks on the surface-you love being the unpredictable dark horse, taking your to spring your genius on the world, right? 

Then the Full Moon of March 25th could be just the timer to shine. In your 5th house of talent, play and shameless self promotion. Quintile Mars, fresh in your brilliant career sector: 

To the degree you are having such a good time with your creative process, it’s fun to start showing off a bit about it! 

And as you come to terms with being damn good at what you do, Mars brings the energised work ethic, to leverage this confidence to professional advantage. 

Meanwhile love? Venus/Mars conjunct in your expansive 9th house for the last month, still playing out in early March. Have brought to your attention the  importance of a lover you can do full scale personal growth with. Not so much complex ‘us talks’, which you’re usually good at, to be honest. Or tedious angst about commitment issues, which tends to bore you to tears. Right now you want someone to share big dreams with, with lots of emotional oxygen to embrace new experiences together. If lucky enough to have a romance ready to grow next level-looks good! 

Or if single, on the prowl? Getting out of your comfort zone, hanging out somewhere new is where flirty frisson happens early March. Someone new could remind you of your full potential, and maybe become someone special? And in the second half of March, maybe flirty moments in your professional realm? Could be worth looking good at work, just in case someone cute turns up? 

Image: Jerry Hall, I think for Paolo Roversi?


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