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So Saturn, the most restrictive/disciplined planet might have been a bit out of sorts in your expansionist 9th house, for the last 2 years? Like the cautious voice, wrestling your wildest plans into some semblance of functionality; as you understandably grumble about the sheer frustration of temporarily thwarted potential.

I mean especially with Mars retro in your sign, from last Nov 1st till Jan 18th, the struggle is real!

You begin January with the internal compression of all the delays you’ve had to be gracious about, as you correctly intuit it’s been best to scheme in the background, rather than force progress in the world. You get that patience has been your best teacher, and pressing imperative for the last few months.

No getting around grace under pressure, as you correctly intuit you cannot initiate conflict without it blowing up in your face; even with certain fuqwits doing your head in, grrr. Well done you, for keeping your temper under control!

But still, for such a flighty, mercurial creature used to flitting about as you please? And, do admit, verbalising your every thought no matter what anyone thinks about it, including full scale bitching when you’re in the mood, lol. It’s been quite tedious having to keep your thoughts to yourself, and practice slow momentum…

Including the Full Moon of Jan 7th, in your 2nd house of material security with Bitch Lilith; opposite Sun/Mercury and sexy/lucrative Pluto in your 8th house of financial/sex/intimacy interpersonal dynamics.

It’s all about holding onto your own emotional authenticity, as you deal with people you are inextricably entangled with. Could be beautiful interdependence with loved ones who have your back. Whether family, biz or passionate love; it feels so lovely to take care of one another as you evolve.

Or if tricky power trips reveal themselves; with Mars still retro you know you can’t pick a fight because blowback is a bitch. So well done you, to work your innate skill to get the subtle, clever nuance of being diplomatic about it. But aargh, kind of a bitch to have to hold your tongue if provoked?

So you are thrilled to have Mars direct from Jan 13th, for a fresh rush of renewed vitality to finally get on with it! To the extent your instincts suddenly, intrinsically feel more bang on; your lust for life becomes a force of nature, because you trust yourself to know what to do with it!

Especially the New Moon of Jan 22nd, in your expansive 9th house, with a crystal clear, fresh sense of your broader purpose in the world:

Venus/Saturn, also in your 9th house bring the creative discipline to ground even your wildest dreams, with the willingness to work at making them happen.

Because Mars picking up speed, newly direct is the awesome confidence, bravado and determination to back whatever you are on about. To shine like you mean it, right?

Especially this Moon exactly opposite Bitch Lilith in your communication sector. Yay, finally permission to speak your mind! Even if your current opinions about stuff are controversial to certain people, it feels so good to stick with the courage of your convictions. Your integrity shines, with the important dialogues in your life, and the people who matter get it.

Image: Keira Knightley for Ellen Von Unwerth, Elle Russia


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