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Well if you’ve been wondering if libidinous Mars, in the middle of an extensive retrograde in Gemini this month, will cramp your sexy, seductive style?

Look no further than Venus conjunct your ruler Mercury, in your love sector exactly opposite Mars Dec 1st. Yes, the month begins with such fab, magnetic romantic chemistry coming at you!

I mean do admit your flirty wiles can involve a fair bit of mystery/complex mixed messages. Even with your brilliant, articulate communication skills, you don’t tend to reveal your feelings in obvious terms. You like to keep it interesting. Who the fuq knows if you are testing your lover’s emotional intelligence, to see if they can keep up with your nuanced desires for a meeting of equals; or just enjoy the cut & thrust of verbal repartee as some kind of aphrodisiac, lol? Anyway, lovers tend to find your elusive mystique maddeningly irresistible…

So the point is Mars retro in your sign may well work it’s magic, especially by the Gemini Full Moon of Dec 8th, exactly conjunct Mars. With Sun & Venus in your love sector, and Venus joining Mercury into your sex/intimacy sector from Dec 10th. The buzz of mutual attraction, with complex psycho-sexual/intellectually stimulating dynamics to turn you on:

Just as you are busy doing your own thing, finessing your attitude & style; someone just as fascinating could be checking you out, and have your number in terms of appreciating whatever you’re on about, and letting you know they’re keen to connect? This works with a partner or lover, already working out how to do mutually satisfying intimacy, just as much someone new rocking your world if single/on the dating scene.

And this Full Moon in your sign, conjunct Mars retro is not just about romance. As someone who normally loves to flit around the world, with delightful social butterfly charisma, you are unusually introverted right now. And it suits you!

In dark horse mode, into replenishing your energy by spending time with yourself, for healthy self acceptance. And not giving a fuq about all the things you can’t control in the world/whatever other people think about you for the moment. So liberating, right?

And for sure you will charge forward; with such dynamic new confidence to make stuff happen and express your well considered truth in the world, when Mars turns direct in your sign from mid Jan next year. Something to look forward to…

Meanwhile healthy Ceres in your play/fun sector from Dec 20th and positive Jupiter in your secretive soul sector from Dec 21st. Permission to find your joy within, tuning into your spiritual/creative muse for personal bliss. The better to cultivate whatever creative/arty/self expression turns you on. And enjoy good times with the people who unconditionally adore you, for the simple pleasures that make you feel good, huh?

Because then the New Moon of Dec 23rd is in your sex/intimacy sector. With a Venus/Mercury/Pluto stellium, Emotional, psycho-sexual, familial and financial dynamics could suddenly get real, with the people who matter to you. More likely to have meaningful conversations, for real connection with your most cherished loved ones. And attract romantic interest aligns with your desires, if you happen to be looking?

And I tell you what, opposite Bitch Lilith in your personal values sector; whether this Moon brings easy compatibility, exciting chemistry or challenging drama -you can totally hold your own!

Good, best to have your act together. Because Mercury retro in your sex/intimacy sector from Dec 29th could trigger any tricky conversations; which you will be prepared so prepared to handle with supreme emotional intelligence, of course.

Image: Eden Tylergreeen


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