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The New Moon of Dec 4th , in your relationship sector is your annual fresh perspective on the Gemini love life. And it’s a Total Solar Eclipse, to really feel the love & incandescent clarity about your closest connections. And with your ruler Mercury involved, your natural flair for intelligent communication with your partner is on point -to work things out by actually talking them through:

Especially opposite Bitch Lilith in your sign, you cut the crap of any potentially tricky/complex dialogues (that do admit you can be tempted to indulge, when you get your moody bitch on); by finessing the subtleties of mutual understanding whilst speaking your truth and hearing your lover’s truth loud & clear. Yes this is so fab to clear the air & get on better than ever!

Also flirty, playful, romantic repartee to keep it sweet & remember why you fell in love in the first place, or lure some new contender with your fascinating, delightful wiles. Especially with an easy Mars/Venus aspect for this Moon, romance is in the air…then Mars in your love sector from Dec 14th brings even hotter, next level attention from someone special -especially of you’re into men.

Because the gorgeous background astro is Venus in a rare, extended visit to your 8th house of sex & intimacy from Nov till March -to lush up your pleasure/desire vibe. You are so ready to love & be loved like you mean it.

So we REALLY have to talk about Venus tangling with Pluto, the sexy, primal ruler of the sexy 8th house-exact all December. Basically Pluto/Venus has two extremes:

-Deep, emotionally vulnerable, magnetic chemistry with someone you are destined to be with, with smoking hot bedwork-and how rewarding it is to be authentic & positively transform one another as you go.

-Toxic power trips that need to be called out, to keep it real to do the gritty emo work for more healthy partner dynamic. Obsessive crushing on someone toxic/batshit crazy attraction or entanglement, that you just know aint good for you-but tempted to compromise cos hot bedwork?

Yes I know can be a fine line here, between courageous connection & sorting out your boundaries, so you may be somewhere in between -cool, it’s a great time to figure it out one way or the other x

Also financial/biz negotiations -could be lucrative or could be a headfuq power trips! Stay sharp & aim for win-win solutions ideally, huh?

Then the Gemini Full Moon of the 19th is where you get to express yourself fully, no matter what anyone thinks to be honest. I mean trining lucky, exuberant Jupiter in your adventure sector, you have such brazen confidence in your broader purpose in the world -time to fuq off any doubts or tedious details & just go for it!

Image: Hannah Lemholt


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