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So how you going with Saturn, fresh in your 10th house of career success? Beginning to feel a renewed sense of commitment, to whatever professional goals you’ve been working towards for ages? Or maybe looking around, for the next phase of professional growth to apply your work ethic towards? It’s a chance to review your vocational priorities, with a steady eye to long term, sustainable job satisfaction.

Cue your ruler Mercury, in your 12th house/soul sector from April 4th. Where Mercury turns retrograde from April 23rd-then

hanging around in your 12th house till mid June. This extended Mercury transit is a chance to look within, and figure our what’s going on in your mysterious 12th house:

With radical Uranus involved, you have lots of restless, nervous energy buzzing internally. I mean especially with Mercury on the Destiny Point and Venus involved early April, you are totally tuned into your creative muse. To enjoy sudden flashes of inspiration that seem like divine guidance, to embrace your own sense of spiritual purpose. Even if you find yourself questioning everything you previously believed, a new sense of clarity lights you up from within! And this radiance becomes easier to express, with Venus into Gemini from April 12th…

I mean as such a social butterfly, you tend to prefer the external stimulation of other people, to bounce your brilliant ideas off with exciting verbal repartee. And there’s plenty of that going on, with the New Moon, Hybrid Solar Eclipse of April 20th.

Yay, with this Moon exact in your social sector conjunct expansive Jupiter. You get to get amongst it and express your most positive intentions, with the cool crew who get what you’re on about. How fun!

But also, it’s called a Hybrid Eclipse for a reason:

Even though it’s officially in your social sector, the Moon moves into your 12th house 15 mins after the exact Eclipse, followed by the Sun into your 12th house 4 hours later. Just as Mercury ready to station retro, conjunct Uranus in your 12th house. So this Moon invites you to into an introspective mode, to replenish your energy in between all that busy socialising. The better to remain conscious about the fresh perspectives and dare I say spiritual awakening rising up within you, as discussed above. Which is quite profound, actually.

Meanwhile the Full Moon of April 6th is in your 5th house, of talented creative brilliance, shameless self confidence and play:

Opposite Sun/Jupiter in your social sector, is perfect to just relax, and have a good time with your favourite peeps,. You love being a shiny social butterfly, just because you can and everyone adores your easy charm. With the healer Chiron involved, it’s good for your vitality & wellbeing to keep it light and do simple, life affirming fun.

I mean even if Chiron reveals any tensions within your social scene, where you potentially feel misunderstood or certain weirdos are so insecure they try to cramp your style? This is a great Moon to not give a fuq! You shine bright and they can deal with it or not, right?

Which lends a certain bravado, to your famously adept networking skills. You’re not just trying to hustle validating feedback-you are happy to just keep it real.

Especially with Saturn in your career sector. Your unique talent is more likely to be recognised professionally, the better to enjoy the creative process on your own terms.

And love? The Full Moon of the 6th is great for playful, flirty romance that you do so well. Then Venus in Gemini, from April 11th has you more gorgeous than ever-it’s all about your irresistible charm, to lure whoever turns you on into your orbit. You are quite the desirable lover, right now!

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