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So hello, the world just keeps getting weirder and February is here to invite us to strap in & enjoy the journey!

Oh my, it really is like some wild road trip, where we thought we had a perfectly normal destination in mind but suddenly the chauffeur is some tripped out rabbit, the road rules keep changing and we are all Alice-in-wonderland What the Actual Fuq???

I mean I have noticed so many clients detouring into new pathways they hadn't previously considered, but suddenly the unknown seems kind of exciting.

The astro is Mars/Uranus last month for crazy, unexpected circumstance & the desire to make change a positive thing. And Jupiter/Saturn dancing around the tension between maintaining some semblance of status quo and embracing radical new possibilities. We want to grow beyond our wildest dreams but we also want to remain grounded in pragmatic reality -quite the balancing act!

The key this month is the spectacular New Moon of the 12th, with Venus on lucky Jupiter for the glorious confidence to chase our beautiful dreams & love one another big time, with emotional generosity no matter what. Let's keep any eye on whatever lovely inspo arises, to guide us forward mid month huh?

Plenty more astro insights, and individual guidance for your sign with the February horoscopes here.

Happy February folks, let's make it amazing x

Image: Aleksandra Alex

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