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February is here and the scopes are up, to help us move forward-towards an exciting new phase coming up:

So February 2024 is a leap year, with 29 days instead of 28, which happens every 4 years. Not that calendar dates particularly affect the astrology, as the planets move through the signs with their own, celestial cycles. We just use our dates to track them, in a way we can measure.

Still the power of symbolism is real, and the magical sense that we get a whole extra day, every few years has an expansive quality. Hinting that exceptional, rare portals of possibility that are usually denied to us, may become briefly available. To glimpse into another realm, where strange options reveal themselves.

 So what do we do, with this elusive, rare Feb 29th day? Interesting to have Pisces Sun exactly conjunct Mercury Feb 28th, which would normally be the last day of the month. Then Sun exactly conjunct Saturn Feb 29th, even as Mercury charges past both of them, with the speed of light.

Thus do we grasp the ineffable. A moment to play with our sparkly, genius intellectual, spiritual, cosmic & creative muse… like a veil between the worlds, to glimpse what could be possible. And, importantly, a big clue about how to manifest our dreams in real life-if only we have the self awareness, and discipline of right action, hmm?


Meanwhile this is pertinent, as Pluto switching signs, into Aquarius from late Jan, with the Sun in Aquarius. Which we are still getting a handle on in Feb, most of which is kooky Aqua season. Preparing us for a wild new era of transformation, personally and collectively. Also the Chinese New Year, Feb 10th ushers in the year of the Dragon-considered to be an exceptionally powerful, transformative energy. Pluto and Dragon energy are so compatible, to fire up our lust for life…


And Venus/Mars in a romantic tango, becoming exact by Feb 21st conjunct Pluto. Our love lives are hot & sweetly passionate, to the extent we can handle the raw truth rising up, to be real & courageously vulnerable with our lovers. It takes a lot of honesty and devotion, to make love work right now!


So February feels like a spooky, tantalising, restless energy-to expand our awareness of the much greater potential, that 2024 promises. Much more detail for your sign, with the Feb scopes here.

Happy February 2024 folks, let’s strap in for a wild ride!


 Ps I mean I won’t get into the whole Gregorian calendar here. Some astrologers feel we should have 13 months of equal length, corresponding with the actual, 28 day Moon cycle. So no need for leap years, for February.

Which would necessitate a whole other sign, which could possibly be Ophiucus-possibly ruled by Chiron. The Serpent bearer ruled by the wounded healer? Or some say Virgo should share rulership of Chiron, let alone Sag-many of whom would be Ophiucus under this system? Not to mention the idea that Taurus should be ruled by Vulcan, or some say the Earth is the natural realm of Taurus? So anyway, astrological revisionism is complex and fascinating to explore…. Maybe new in insights will reveal themselves, in this transformative new chapter?

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