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So Venus conjunct Lilith early October, in your sexy 8th house where they’ve both been dancing since June. Quite the moment of clarity, about whatever complex passions/dramas have revealed themselves in your personal entanglements lately? Feels so good, to move forward, on an honest footing with the people you most care about. How lovely!

And fresh emotional oxygen, to also focus on broader concerns…

Because Lilith/Venus conjunct jump into your expansive 9th house, from Oct 9th. Where they immediately trigger an opposition with your ruler Saturn, retro in your clever 3rd house:

I mean Saturn and Neptune retro in your 3rd house, have been interrogating your intellectual attitude lately. As in you’ve been entertaining some pretty weird & wonderful notions about life for a while now, with the tension of constantly scrutinising this new visionary approach-against the pragmatic, rational values that have traditionally made sense to you. Like you have been seeking permission within yourself, to trust your own, increasingly magical realist/intuitive point of view. Let alone how to engage in more open-minded conversations, with people who may or may not be up to speed with your new way of looking at things?

So Venus and Lilith in your visionary, expansive 9th house work a treat this month. To harness Saturn determination, to back the fierce courage of your convictions. The better to go forth, working fabulous new creative imperatives, beyond your usual comfort zone. There’s a kind of manifesting magic going on here, the more you keep your intentions crystal clear, right?

Mars, joining caring Ceres into your social/networking sector, from Oct 13th helps. I mean Mars brings the charismatic swagger, and confidence to express yourself in the world, very much on your own terms: And ok, if Mars energy gets carried away can vibe competitive, even aggro in social situations. Maybe your own, particular attitude can disrupt the status quo, as you find yourself in the unusual position of being the rebel in the crowd? Determined to do your own thing, and fuq whatever anybody else thinks. Maybe certain power-trippers, trying to force their agenda down your throat, realise that you are quite the formidable opponent? Or I tell you what, if you find yourself trying to be the control freak/initiate some drama to prove a point -the blowback could be a bitch!

Much better to work Ceres vibes -ameliorating any tensions with a caring, mutually supportive attitude. I mean we don’t always have to agree with one another, to get along. Mutual respect can be quite the turn on-and even more character building, with people we find challenging to deal with.

Maybe working out any issues with dear friends, is so important to stay connected with the tribe you care about. Or cross the barrier, in the culture wars going on around us, to find common ground with people you would normally dismiss-know what I mean?

Meanwhile, the New Moon Eclipse of Oct 15th in your brilliant career sector, conjunct Mercury and square Pluto, turning direct in Capricorn.

To the extent your sexy, powerful personal charisma ignites mid month, it feels good to be alive! Just the authenticity, to work your transformative personal growth is a total turn on. And best expressed in vocational terms, with Mercury finessing your professional strategies. Especially Saturn in your ideas/communication sector, savvy networking on the job works a treat, for tangible progress.

Then the Full Moon of Oct 29th, in your 5th house of self expression. With Jupiter opposite Mercury/Mars helps you find your most confident voice in the world, playing with cool people who get what you’re on about. Nice one!

Image: Françoise Hardy, with Jane Birkin.


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