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So how have you been going with Pluto in Capricorn, since 2008? It’s been a bit of a lengthy, phoenix rising from the flames type experience, I imagine. As in Pluto is the big, heavyweight planet of transformative growth:

Maybe you’ve had to face any personal demons, that you might have preferred to avoid, if Pluto wasn’t on your case? I mean we all have our shadow/subconscious issues lurking in the basement, driving destructive patterns of behaviour; and it just happens to have been your turn lately, to drag them into the light of day. Which obviously has been challenging as hell. But do admit the courageous self awareness of this chapter has been deeply revealing-to look in the mirror and really understand your honest relationship with self.

So the benefits of this transit have been profoundly empowering, I mean as one of the most fiercely disciplined signs, you thrive under pressure and any opportunity to rise up, and become the most brilliant, accomplished version of yourself, right?

So Pluto out of your sign from March 23rd is a relief. You get to look back, and acknowledge how far you’ve come; enjoying the simple self acceptance & comfortability in your own skin you’ve worked so hard to achieve. Well done you!

Then, Pluto into your 2nd house of wealth/personal & material security is a whole new trip, as follows:

Your ruler Saturn, in your 2nd house since Dec 2020 has been a focus on security issues and material status quo. Many signs would against the kind of tight financial planning/budgetary restrictions required by Saturn here; but you are a natural at this kind discipline. If hard work and long term planning keeps you comfortable, you’ve been totally up for it.

Also Jupiter in your 2nd house, from Dec 2020 till June 2021 brought a more expansive perspective, along the way. You got a sense of true security; that comes with the freedom of creating a truly autonomous income, and even more so releasing attachment to specific material priorities, that may have been holding you back? So that was kind of liberating.

Fast forward to now, with Saturn leaving your 2nd house from March 7th. Feels like a certain compression lifting, to do with any limiting financial paradigms you’re still attached to. Especially bang on the Full Moon, in your Jupiter ruled 9th house of personal freedom. You’re ready for the confidence, to live larger.

Cue Pluto replacing Saturn, in your 2nd house from March 23rd, for the next 20 years! Let’s talk about the most transformative planet in your most conservative sector:

Pluto loves big, lucrative prosperity. So if you play your cards right, as you tend to do, the coming chapter is possibly your most powerful opportunity to create SERIOUS coin, in your life. Exciting times.

But also Pluto couldn’t give a fuq about stability/your existing notions of so called ‘financial security’. Maybe Pluto wants to burn down your material paradigm, with a regenerative new sense of what flourishing, healthy prosperity means to you? Could it be more about empowering, magical manifestation doing stuff that is truly meaningful to you, than your bank account or whatever? We shall flesh out these ideas in the coming months.

Meanwhile love?

The New Moon of March 22nd in your home sector with Mercury, Chiron and Jupiter. Lovely, healing conversations, to bond with your family and unconditionally loving tribe.

Then Mars in your love sector, from March 25th is hot! Sudden, passionate chemistry with your partner, to turn each other on. Or if on the prowl, on the dating scene-get ready to be pursued by someone very sexy? We shall explore the full potential of this, next month…

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