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The Full Moon of June 4th in your soul sector is all about looking within; for a spiritual perspective, detached from worldly concerns -that you have not always been comfortable with, as such a pragmatic creature?

But these days you’re an old hand at doing the inner work…

Because with Pluto in Capricorn for the last several years, you’ve certainly come to terms with the internal locus of power, that comes with honest self-appraisal, facing your own shadow and incandescent inner light. I mean it’s been intense and all, having to phoenix into next level self-awareness. And how passionate you feel about everything, with no choice but feel powerful enough to embody your desire nature with integrity, know what I mean?

Not to mention the raw honesty you’ve had to cultivate, with relationship dynamics. Speaking of which, Pluto opposite Venus for this Moon is potentially quite a passionate moment, with someone special?

So meanwhile, you may have been enjoying the buzz of Pluto self-actualisation for the last several years, or totally exhausted by all the intensity? So Pluto out of your sign early April may have been a relief, or maybe you’re missing the fire in your belly already?

Either way, from June 11th Pluto retrograde is baaaack… completing this transformational transit through Capricorn till Feb 2024. Your phoenix power is renewed -might as well embrace this next phase of sexy evolution.

Meanwhile Venus joins Mars and Lilith in your sexy 8th house -in magical aspect with your ruler Saturn in your communication sector, just as Pluto enters your sign. Then a Venus/Mars conjunction, brewing for the rest of the month: So to the extent the 8th house is about deep emotional, romantic & financial entanglements:

Venus/Mars is perfect, for mutual chemistry, attraction magic and compatibility, with whoever you want to connect with more deeply.

Lilith is bitching authenticity. Perfect to bring mutual understanding to your relationships, with healthy respect for who one another really are; rather than anyone having to compromise their truth, just to be loved.

Saturn helps, with healthy boundaries and emotional intelligence to speak clearly with loved ones. If there are any tricky issues to work out, you do so with minimal drama. And if lucky enough to have a functional relationship or promising chemistry with someone special-honest, maybe even vulnerable conversations to clarify the quality of commitment, moving forward?

Then Jupiter/Destiny Point in your talent/self expression sector, just as Mercury enters your practical 6th house.

Cue the New Moon of June 18th in your 6th house. A fresh perspective on holistic wellbeing, productive daily habits and work ethic. It’s all about clever strategies to work your creative genius on the day job, that allows a healthy lifestyle as well -as opposed to working your ass off, just for the sake of ‘getting ahead’?

Image: Kate Moss.

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