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So how about Uranus retrograde in your fun/play sector square Saturn in your security/money sector lately? As the things that turn you on the most are also pushing you out of your comfort zone; maybe this has been liberating or maybe feeling discombobulated, as Uranus hassles the more conservative side of you to loosen the fuq up hmmm?

So January sets the tone for 2022, with Uranus direct from the 20th to get a handle on creative self expression & personal confidence-just because it feels good to be alive. Also to blow any Saturn self doubt out of the water-with radical confidence about whatever you are good at, the better to manifest a different kind of financial security on your own terms.

Because meanwhile, the Capricorn New Moon of Jan 3rd is trine Uranus for an exciting, crystal clear new perspective on how you want to present yourself right now. I mean Venus tangling with Pluto, in your sign all month has your personal charisma so damn hot… might as well work it whilst you can!

But with Venus retro and Pluto all about deep personal transformation; again it’s not so much being a one trick pony -dragging any tired, limiting old notions of your personal potential into 2022. More so embracing a fresh, spunky style to strut around being more authentic about who you really are, as a swiftly evolving powerhouse in the world.

And I tell you what, Mars into Capricorn from the 25th brings a rush of raw, dynamic energy & confidence to back you up -then Venus direct from the 29th finesses exactly what you want to do with it, with stunning creative intelligence & manifesting magic for the next few months.

And oh my goodness by the time Venus/ Mars and Pluto hook up in your sign early March, some super sexy, deeply passionate love action to look forward to…ooh la la!

Meanwhile, the Full Moon of Jan 18th in your love sector is opposite Pluto, which is pretty volatile to be honest. A powerful reveal, to figure out how you feel about your lover/relationship, or if single/dating who you want to magnetise toward you. Could be sexy attraction to rock your world, or suddenly facing narky issues that need to be addressed, the better to clear the air one way or the other. The better to prepare for the romance magic of March, huh?

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