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So the best thing about your ruler Saturn, in your income sector this year is lucky Jupiter involved to rev up your confident, abundant wealth creation mojo.

I mean Saturn would normally be drilling down on your hyper strategic, tight budgetary discipline –which ok can be very effective. But also after Jupiter in your sign last year you’re feeling more expansive, especially given how innovative we’ve all had to be in these weird times. And this year Jupiter is opening this up to more liberating ideas about earning a living, and indeed the broader question of what true financial security and independence means to you.

Its not just money, obviously it’s being comfortable in your skin with what you do, and the opportunity to do it well & keep evolving as you go. And Venus on your ruler Saturn around the 6th kind of confirms your most enduring talent & innate biz acumen, to hustle what you want in the world.

Then the real action this month is the New Moon of the 12th, in your income sector; with fresh perspective on how to do your thing driven by a spectacular Venus/Jupiter conjunction. The inspiration here is so positive, creatively exciting & potentially lucrative! Especially syncing Mars/Lilith/Uranus in your talent sector, for the spunky determination to show off your brilliance in game changing ways.

I mean the Mars vibe is volatile, and Mercury retrograde in your income sector can be pretty damn scatty. So as much as it’s great to score some wriggle room from your usual sober demeanour, with fabulously radical new options-yes! You want to watch going to the other extreme, with stoopid hare brained schemes you would never usually consider, obviously. With Mercury retro, your natural forensic attention to detail & patience to finesse the plan is still an important asset.

Then Mars square Venus on the 20th brings sexy romantic chemistry into play. And with Venus into your comms sector, the trick is sweet talk/smooth flirty wiles if you are trying to seduce someone, and having ideas in common to talk about, for compatibility & mental stimulation. Also Chiron is a healing salve, for talking through any tricky issues if you have a shacked up partner, and harmonise the domestic bliss?

Image: Kiza Jovanovic

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