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So we spoke at length last month, about Mars retro in your 6th house of work ethic & healthy lifestyle for the next few months. Many signs would find this so frustrating; but as such a pragmatic creature, immensely capable of quietly scheming in the background, you are presumably getting the hang of it beautifully by now.

And Mars trines your ruler Saturn, in your 2nd house of financial security early December; to begin the month with a beautifully realistic way of patiently cultivating earning scenarios you can feel good about:

Especially by the Full Moon of Dec 8th, exactly conjunct Mars retro in your 6th house, trine Saturn. It’s all about the emotional intelligence to harness the frustration of any seemingly thwarted work/health/lifestyle plans, with that famous discipline of yours. The better to forget about instant gratification, and take the time to finesse your prosperity & wellbeing plans instead. Yes, the kind of lean, mean, long term success vibe here is so your thing!

Then Venus swans into your sign by Dec 11th, joining Mercury for the rest of the month. So you get to shine with beauty, charisma & talent, just because you are so naturally gorgeous. And clever, charming communication to express what you’re on about.

Especially by the Capricorn New Moon of Dec 23rd, with a Venus/Mercury/Pluto stellium in your sign, for such powerful, intelligent personal transformation:

Venus & Mercury trine sparky, growth oriented Uranus/Destiny Point in your 5th house of talent & playful self expression. So even if Mars retro has you doing behind the scenes stuff rather than charging around showing off; you are still powerful as fuq as a lowkey change agent. Yes despite your reputation as a conservative type, Uranus awakens a more visionary attitude, in line with the crazy social/cultural zeitgeist going on around you. The sheer buzz of being a radical, innovative genius in the world is such a thrill!

And sexy Pluto opposite Bitch Lilith in your partner sector, for cracker love chemistry. The more you embody powerful, seductive Pluto charisma, with beautiful Venus & flirty Mercury in your sign, you are totally irresistible! And to the extent Lilith describes the kind of lover/partner attracted to you, they can totally hold their own as well. The ideal scenario here is a meeting of equals, with electrifying chemistry (thank you Uranus/Destiny Point in your romance sector). You challenge one another in a positive sense, the better to keep the mutual passion honest & authentic, right?

Or if power trips/tempers flare up? Ok it could get bitchy at warp speed, but ideally you both resist the temptation to ‘score points’, just for the sake of being right. I cannot emphasise enough that with Mars retro, anyone who initiates conflict is destined to lose, but peacemakers thrive. So ideally you take this opportunity to foster respect for one another’s differences, and whatever mutually satisfying dynamic you can come up with. Thus do even the most tetchy, tricky relationships in your life evolve & thrive.

Meanwhile lucky Jupiter newly direct in your domestic sector, opposite nurturing Ceres in your career sector, for this Moon. So the more you have the support of healthy personal relationships & happy dynamics at home; the more you have the freedom to cultivate fulfilling professional goals -know what I mean?

Image: unable to find original credit for this fab picture.


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