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So your ruler Saturn has been vibing strong in your sign since 2017, especially in transformative sync with Pluto last Jan; where you’ve really come to terms with your natural, gritty discipline and full capacity to deal with character building circumstance. Yes you’ve done well to step up to whatever gnarly challenges have been doing your head in recently, & rather than buckle under pressure decided to embrace your full, brilliant personal potential instead…

Yes sorry if this sounds like some kind of cheesy motivational seminar, but honestly you can afford to pat yourself on the back for just how far you’ve come in recent years.

And even better you have lucky Jupiter on Saturn exact mid December; for such massive, positive momentum to move way beyond basic survival issues and actually thrive with a whole new level of exuberant, expansive confidence! Yes this month is such a big deal to reveal the next big, exciting opportunities to live on your own sweet, liberating terms.

But also is interesting that meanwhile, the Total Solar Eclipse, New Moon of Dec 15th is in your mystical, spiritual soul sector. It’s not just external, material success you are chasing here (which ok is fully happening if you want); but also aligning with your deeper sense of meaningful soul purpose/cosmic inspo & tuning into your inner creative muse. Especially with Mercury involved, I would suggest that your inner dialogue matters right now; so pay attention to the quality of your thoughts/daydreams/visualisations because they’re so much more likely to manifest in daily life –know what I mean?

Then Saturn is out of your sign from Dec 18th –Yay this will feel like such a weight off your karmic, personal growth schedule! As in you’ve done the work & can cruise for a bit… I mean also bearing in mind Saturn is now in your income/cash sector for a few years, so you’ll have to keep an eye on the budget; but honestly this is such a core competency of yours, it’s just finessing what you already do naturally to build sustainable wealth. Not to mention lucky Jupiter involved (from the 20th) for the next 12 months –you could be vibing pretty damn lucrative if you play your cards right.

And love? Venus in your soul sector this month is more about magical soulmate vibes, to dream about or subtle, nuanced romance with your special someone. Then the Full Moon of the 30th is in your partnership sector; for a more tangible connection with whoever is coming at you with brave, emotionally authentic intentions by then.

Image: via instagram #MUA @lucie_on_makeup


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