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The Full Moon of April 6th in your power sector, the 10th house of professional success and public recognition, is a great way to begin the month. You love the clear vocational/biz instincts you are famous for, being totally on point.

And syncing Uranus with Venus in your talented 5th house, with Mercury conjunct the Destiny Point. A sharp, intelligent new way to leverage your innate skills; to make your most cherished creative goals succeed long term.

You could surprise yourself with some radical new version of doing what you’re good at; let alone knock everyone else’s socks off, as you shine like a genius weirdo. The more you are true to yourself here -a fab, innovative career plan could SO be brewing!

And this Moon opposes Chiron/Sun/Jupiter in your 4th house of home & family. So you get how crucial a positive domestic environment with harmonious relationships is, to support your creative/vocational growth right?

Because even beyond career, the 4th and 5th houses are about to become a big deal for their own sake:

The New Moon, Solar Eclipse of April 20th is in your 4th house, conjunct Jupiter. Suddenly you realise that making quality time, to have fun with your tribe is the most important thing. Healthy, happy family dynamics are so emotionally fulfilling -including whoever you live with & love at home, blood kin or otherwise. The better to grow, and create an expansive, thriving future together.

And whether you live with others or alone; it’s all about creating a nurturing sanctuary, with positive energy to come home to. Perfect to clean and feng shui your space- for the oxygen to really relax, decompress & replenish your energy. Or even of you feel called to go find a new location, that feels exciting to live in…could be a thing?

Also this Moon is called a Hybrid Solar Eclipse for a reason. Exact in the last degree of your 4th house; 15 mins later the Moon enters your 5th house, followed by the Sun 4 hours later. So lets talk about your 5th house:

All about playful good times, doing life affirming stuff you love. The freedom to do your own thing, sans work or family pressure is a total buzz. And quality, fun times with your tribe, enjoying the simple pleasures together. Also sweet romance, if you have some kind of easy flirtation going on, or date night with your lover-could be fun!

And this Eclipse conjunct the Destiny Point, with Mercury/Uranus in your 5th house. Wildly stimulating, truly brilliant creative instincts, to reveal your most natural, innate talent. Suddenly your unique self expression is so fabulously on point; especially with Venus in your work sector, to show off your genius to optimum professional advantage. And spectacular confidence, to shine your light in the world just because you can!

Because meanwhile, your ruler Saturn fresh in your 3rd house of ideas and communication is kind of a sobering influence. As in you are considering what you believe in carefully, with the mental discipline to cultivate only the ideas that have real integrity. So the more you are aligned with your own truth, the better to enjoy 5th house to communicate whatever you are on about as clearly as possible, right?

And love? Mars in your relationship sector brings lots of passionate attention, from someone special. Very clear intentions from your partner or lover-to know what you’re dealing with, one way or the other. And if single? It’s mating season-much more likely to meet someone sexy, to turn you on with promising attraction….

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