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So restless Uranus in your play sector just wants to have fun with life-embracing cool, innovative creative scenarios and having a good time with weird & wonderful people –just because its time to embrace the unknown a bit for juicy personal growth right? But also square your ruler Saturn in your earning sector, drilling down on conservative values like a steady income & personal security in these fluctuating times.

Yes and normally you would be leaning into Saturnian caution here... But there is something about the siren song of risky, thrilling new experience you just can’t ignore cos it feels so good to be alive! Especially with wild child Jupiter also in your earning sector, where it feels totally possible to make coin doing something actually meaningful & enjoying your life, as opposed to tedious 9-5 or whatever.

I mean especially Mars in your work sector, on the Destiny Point recently revealed some vocational calling to get excited about, and the more you embrace that the more Mars fires up your famous, fierce work ethic to make cool stuff happen on the day job, or whatever new gig you are chasing. And just so you know, Mars ambition works best here with a dynamic workout/health regime, for the sheer physical vitality to get up every day and back that ambitious attitude of yours.

Meanwhile the New Moon of the 12th is beautifully aspected, for fresh perspective in your home sector/personal relationships

. You have Venus inspiring optimum domestic harmony –a great time to cultivate positive family dynamics, getting along with co-habs and maybe sweet, shacked up romance with your partner or lovely date with a lover on home turf?

Because also healing Chiron, caring Ceres & intelligent Mercury are involved. So even if vulnerable feelings & tricky conversations are coming up mid month, it’s easy to get over it, kiss & make up or if necessary work through ongoing issues with compassion & sensitivity whatever the outcome?

Also Venus is perfect for lush interior design inspo, to create a gorgeous, nurturing space to live in. Anything from fab new throw cushions/fresh colour palette to complete reno/feng shui overhaul could make all the difference to your personal sanctuary. Or maybe some real estate/property scenario is financially advantageous mid month?

Then Mars into your partner sector from the 24th ups the love life ante. The romance you’re in suddenly gets more passionate, for sexy connection or dealing with any drama courageously. And, especially if you’re into men, more likely meet some hot new contender if on the prowl?

Then the Full Moon of the 27th sparks up your confidence, to work the creative process, show off your fab talent in the world or fun times on the social scene, depending what turns you on?

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