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So Sept 4th begins the month with Venus direct, in your 2nd house of personal values and financial security. This really speaks to your innate genius; to do with manifesting the prosperity you need, to support yourself to go forth and be the kooky, creative star that is your natural groove.

I mean with Bitch Lilith also in your 2nd house; presumably you have certain uncompromising values, that help you feel grounded in your own integrity right now? So you’re not fuqing around, when it comes to being true to yourself and manifesting the cash required to do so.

A powerful, innate sense of your own talent & capacity to create the life you want to live.

Meanwhile, Mercury retrograde in your 3rd house of ideas and communication lately. Drilling down on any existential questions, about whatever you’re on about may have been tricky -but you’ve done the work to clarify your intentions. Well done…

So you love that Mercury turns direct, just in time for the New Moon of Sept 15th in your 3rd house:

A fresh perspective may suddenly reveal itself! You become beautifully clear about your voice in the world, communicating renewed courage of your convictions with genius conversations, with all the right people.

Especially opposite Neptune, and Saturn in your visionary 9th house. An expansive sense of personal growth comes with clarified intentions about your future, precisely because you have the integrity to remain true to those intentions; as new opportunities present themselves, to keep growing beyond your comfort zone.

Also with the healer Chiron conjunct the Destiny Point, in your brilliant career sector. A sense of adventure, as you seek a more high frequency, accomplished version of being you? Gold.

Also trine lucky Jupiter/radical Uranus in your social sector, retrograde. Meeting new people or unexpectedly positive debates with current tribe;

who challenge you to open your mind to new ideas, is so intellectually exciting. Maybe crazy cool friendships blossom or professional networking, to encourage your fab sense of purpose in the world right now.

And trine Pluto in your love/relationship sector. Whether you are dealing with passionate feelings with your lover, a blitzkrieg new crush, digging deep into the commitment with your devoted partner? Or dealing with seething tensions/power trips, dramatic changes in your marital status? Mercury direct shines a light into all this Pluto intensity, for exactly the kind of clear, emotionally courageous, clever dialogues to navigate your relationship scenarios.

I mean do admit as much as you can bitch it up with the best of them, when tensions arise? But even more powerful is your natural emotional intelligence and innate empathy, to always choose to care for your loved ones as well as healthy self care. Which serves you well for this Moon.

Then the Full Moon of Sept 29th, in your brilliant career sector. Quintile productive Ceres in your play/talent sector. The fun of working the creative process, at whatever you’re good at it the real buzz here. And if that happens to lead to professional success, it’s like an added bonus right?

Image: Sheer Radiance pantihose advertisement.

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