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Yay, as the Moon Child of the zodiac, feels like you are the sign most likely to have fun with Eclipse season this month!

The Partial Solar Eclipse, New Moon of May 1st is in your social sector, conjunct radical Uranus, for an exciting sense of connecting with the whatever social/cultural zeitgeist turns you on. I mean it’s crazy times in the world, and nice to feel part of a community you relate to/networking with like minded people and positive social change you believe in.

Especially Mars/Neptune/Jupiter in your vision/adventure sector this month; you get that following your most exciting & meaningful dreams is best when you get busy outside your comfort zone. Exploring expansive ideas about life, you hadn’t considered before for personal growth and the cool, inspiring peeps you meet along the way. Travel or academic/educational pursuits could work a treat here.

And Mercury retro from the 12th in your soul sector, into your social sector from the 23rd works well. To reconsider your spiritual perspective, and subsequently the kind of wild & wonderful conversations about life you find yourself exploring, with certain crew?

Then the Total Lunar Eclipse, Full Moon of the 16th is a cracker -in your 5th house of play, good times with loved ones, creative genius and shamelessly confident self-expression. How fabulous!

I mean the South Node of established skills on this Moon, in your talent sector means you really have a handle on what you are naturally good at. And opposite radical Uranus and the Destiny Point; you are so onto crazy perfect opportunities presenting themselves, to get out there, shake-em up and find your niche as inspiring change-agent in the world.

Also this Eclipse wakes up your innate, playful romantic instincts. It’s all about a light touch, to flirt it up on the dating scene or enjoy quality time with your lover, just because love is meant to be fun.

Ha, and just when you think a certain, sweet attraction/relationship dynamic is easy sport -you realise Pluto in your partner sector & Saturn in your sex/intimacy sector reveal much deeper feelings, and the emotional discipline to keep the commitment potential real…

Actually this works beautifully, it’s nice to discover passionate desire without forcing the issue -know what I mean?

Then Mars/Jupiter on the 29th, in your biz sector is spectacular for confident career decisions. So much more likely to be motivated by brilliant opportunities, that ramp up your work ethic to go forth & prosper in June…

Image: Blanka Chocholová

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