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So Saturn square Uranus kind of sets the mood this month. Uranus revs up your desire for personal freedom in the world & doing cool, kooky stuff whenever you feel like it just because it turns you on, but also Saturn keeps you accountable to the people you love as well as those you are unavoidably financially/karmically entangled with.

I mean you are the sign most attuned to the integrity of close relationships, family connections and financial responsibilities, so you don’t mind keeping it real. It’s just that Uranus currently has you more tetchy than usual about craving personal space (especially with freewheeling Jupiter involved); which is fine if you just honestly say you want to do your own thing for a bit –rather than the temptation to manufacture tricky drama as an excuse to get away from certain interpersonal scenarios, know what I mean?

Also because Mars in your soul sector this month is kind of reclusive. This could be literally hiding out in hermit mode, for gentle self care away from the fray. Or just so deeply involved in your spiritual practise/cosmic connection to source/shamanic growth/chasing your creative muse in some arty project etc, that the people around you are finding you a little enigmatic…

And that’s ok, you’ll be back out to play and share your newfound inspo when Mars hits Cancer from late April.

Meanwhile the New Moon of the 13th is all about magical Neptune & creatrix Venus in your vision/adventure sector, for next level dreaming up the life you want to live with super-duper manifesting skills to make it happen. Yes you are so switched on to your higher calling mid month, what a beautiful space to be in!

Then Mars square Saturn around the 22nd reveals the tension between quietly nurturing the creative process for your own private thrills and the perceived pressure to hustle money from it to be validated by certain peeps, could be cramping your style? How about with Venus in your biz sector, also from the 22nd it feels so nice to bring your dreams into vocational reality by simply shining your natural talent in everything you do huh?

Image: Elsa Schiaparelli


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