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Lucky Jupiter, fresh in your career sector is a blast for your professional confidence, and you have a whole year ahead to enjoy it! Yes, and Mars conjunct Jupiter early June & firing up your career sector till early July, is the fierce work ethic & ambitious buzz to energise all the fab vocational inspo driving you right now.

Also Mars/Chiron mid month allows your natural intuition to shine, to pursue goals that actually resonate for a genuinely satisfying sense of accomplishment; not just progress for the sake of it, know what I mean?

And Venus/Uranus in your social networking sector, exact June 12th is permission to get amongst it and show off a bit. More so than the stealth success mode you sometimes favour; it’s all about going for whatever you truly believe in with full, brazen authenticity in the world -and have some fun with it! I mean as a bit of a nutty genius, it’s nice to be in full flight as a brilliant, high functioning flake right?

Especially the Full Moon of the 14th in your work/day job sector, square crazy magical Neptune in your idealistic sector of expansive personal growth. You are really thinking big about your goals, and choose professional gigs accordingly.

Yes there’s a kind of risk taking vibe here, but your natural tendency to act with clever emotional intelligence keeps it real. Not to mention conservative Saturn in your 8th house of biz negotiations; so you’re playing your financial cards super stealthy clever as you go, which is your natural thing of course.

And this Full Moon is about healthy wellbeing, trine Mars on the healer Chiron. Great for a rush of physical vitality, to charge around getting practical stuff done with ferocious determination. But also find the work/life balance, so you’re not so much burning yourself out as working towards a fun, fulfilling lifestyle. You are the sign most likely to appreciate nurturing everyone around you-now you give yourself the same consideration, huh?

Speaking of looking after loved ones; lets talk about love & relationships:

Venus conjunct the Destiny Point/Uranus mid month has you fired up, to express yourself with absolute clarity with your tribe. You’re on a mission to grow in weird & wonderful new ways, and keen to connect with all the humans in your life who want to come along for the ride.

Syncing Pluto in your love/partner sector. This could unleash passionate intensity with a lover who gets you, for hot mating magic based on empowered, fearless, transformative chemistry with someone ready to meet you as an equal. Or ok, if some drama queen is doing your head in, or you realise you are repeating destructive old patterns-an empowering reality check to keep moving on already?

Because also syncing Saturn in your sex/intimacy sector. This can be enduring commitment with someone special, where you both do the emotional work to support one another-nice one. Or if you realise you need to have healthy boundaries with some power-trippy scenario, is perfect to do so with calm emotional clarity.

Looks like you’re onto a valuable learning curve to do with love this month-well done you x


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