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Mercury retrograde, from June 1st-23rd irritates most signs with tangible stuff like techno glitches & bickering with loved ones; but for you it’s in your soul sector so more tangential.

As in your mystical musings reveal the spiritual notions & unconscious patterns that have been driving you lately, with the inner clarity that comes with being willing to explore new dimensions of self-awareness. For a wonderful, fresh sense of personal purpose to creatively manifest in the world. And the Solar Eclipse of the 10th is especially magical & inspiring in this regard-your guiding light is shining bright mid-month!

Meanwhile Venus in Cancer from the 3rd, just as Mars in your sign opposes Pluto in your love sector is sizzling hot chemistry with your main squeeze/or if single some new attraction turning up just as you are feeling particularly desirable. Ooh la la it feels like Cancer mating season early June, if you’re into that kind of thing? Or even if you are banishing some old romantic demon that feels good too, to power forward free of tedious expectations from either side -nice one.

And Venus is brilliant to lush up your confidence about who you are, your genius talent and the beautiful life you want to live. Especially trine positive Jupiter vibes in your vision sector, to get the full scope of where positive personal growth could be leading in the coming year, if you stay open & curious about new opportunities to chase your dreams…

And to that end Mars in your income sector from the 12th drives your natural ability to hustle coin from whatever you already do, to support all this growth.

Then the Full Moon of the 25th in your love sector has Jupiter retro heading back into your intimacy sector for the next few months; for a clue about certain unresolved love dynamics that are ready for a positive spin -one way or the other?

Image: Blanka Chocolova


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