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So your annual visit of Venus into your partner/love sector generally lasts 3-4 weeks, which makes her current stay from Nov till March so special; an unusually long time for the love goddess to light up your sweet romance & harmonious relating vibe.

And Mars in your partner/love sector happens every 2 years, another transit to energise your sexy attraction mojo & passionate connection with your special someone. So Mars turning up from late Jan is perfect timing -it’s rare to have the astro lovers in your love sector at the same time; for spectacular, mutual chemistry that is so much more likely to feel committed and real.

Especially because Venus/Mars remain conjunct, in a lovely embrace from Feb 1st till March 6th in your partner sector, then March 7th till early April in your sex/emotional intimacy sector. Ooh la la, such a long time to energise all aspects of your love life -feels like Cancer mating season for sure…

Meanwhile the New Moon of Feb 1st in your sex/intimacy sector is conjunct Saturn. Quite timely really, for a fresh perspective on the quality of commitment in your relationship, any family/biz obligations going on and the emotional integrity with which you & your loved ones handle it?

Because we also have to talk about Mercury/Pluto conjunct, in your partner sector for this Moon. It’s a chance to get down & dirty, to really talk about any tricky issues coming up with all this authentic relationship energy -clear, courageous communication is key!

And all this is relevant, beyond purely personal concerns, syncing planets in your public life…

Uranus in your social/friends sector could be radical new connections with your tribe. I mean in this weird time of collective unrest, it’s nice to know you have crew who get where you’re coming from, or even challenge your point of view; to keep evolving & figure out your place in the cultural zeitgeist, know what I mean?

The healer Chiron in your career sector. With the Full Moon of the 17th in your income sector-in a grand square with the South Node revealing latent talent in your creative sector & the Destiny Point of new opportunity in your social sector. Which translates as follows:

Any insecurity you might be feeling about your professional potential is best dealt with by collaborating with crew who inspire you, with whom you can show off your brilliance sans judgement; then cultivate constructive professional relationships/biz alliances that actually work, and maybe earn good coin as you go?

Image: Glynis Johns


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