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So Dec is about your kooky, wise and moody vibe. Being so tenaciously pragmatic, because you value security. And quite the dreamer, because you value your visionary, creative instincts. And quite moody, well just because you’re you, lol. It keeps you interesting:

It’s kind of all about your 9th house, where you dream big dreams, cook up wild & wonderful life plans, learn and travel-for a more expansive perspective. With Neptune & Saturn retro in your 9th, since June-maybe

you were happy to scheme & dream in slow motion growth, or maybe just crazy frustrated?

Either way Saturn direct in Nov was satisfying, for tangible strategies you’ve been working on beginning to make sense. The better to be realistically prepared for the big news this month, Neptune direct from Dec 6th:

Neptune is the divine inspo, magical intuition and poignant yearning for something intangible calling your name-you know Destiny is calling but can’t quite put your finger on it. As much as Neptune calls you to a beautiful, higher purpose-can be a slippery, unruly energy to get a grip on. So as I said, to the degree your instincts are calling you to a strangely promising new chapter of your life, right now? Thank goodness for Saturn in the background, to keep it real and back yourself with practical, tenacious determination.

Cue the New Moon of Dec 13th, in your practical 6th house:

All about the fundamental daily habits, healthy lifestyle and work ethic that actually make the difference-about manifesting your aspirations, in real life. New Moon energy is always great here -fresh motivation for right action in any given moment, with clarity of purpose.

And this one has a fab Mars/Ceres conjunction involved. The perfect combo:

Fierce Mars ambition & discipline, to work your ass off toward your goals, hard-core physical fitness, dietary regime and being your best version of high functioning flake in the world. And Ceres self care-with your natural intelligence about nurturing holistic wellbeing. If you need to be gentle with yourself-you are allowed comfort food, rest & recuperation that nourishes your body and soul, along the way. To replenish all that Mars energy, driving you forward. Getting the balance right is key for this Moon.

Also, to help you embrace the Mars enthusiasm to succeed & Ceres quality of life-Venus opposite Jupiter works a treat:

Venus in your 5th house is your stunning natural talent, working the creative process to get better at it, and radiant confidence to show it off. Also having a good time, just because it’s life affirming to enjoy the simple, delicious pleasures that feel good. Playful creativity and playing with your loved ones-how lovely.

Jupiter in your 11th is the exuberant confidence, to rock your brilliance on the social scene. Your positive attitude attracts all the right people. Your tribe gather around to have fun together-and support your hopes & dreams, as dear friends do. And your networking skills, to hustle professional opportunities-shameless self promotion gets plenty of attention!

Meanwhile love? If you have some sweet romance going on-quality time together works a treat.. Or if single I tell you what-being out & about on the scene, feeling gorgeous may well attract some exciting, eligible crush to flirt with. Could be fun! Even if Mercury retro reveals some tricky dialogue, in your love/partner sector? Venus brings sweet communication to ameliorate any issues, with your natural emotional intelligence.

Then the Cancer Full Moon of Dec 27th is perfect, to end the month with the satisfaction of trusting your gut instincts, no matter what. As is your wont, of course, being such an intuitive genius.

Image: Timothy Lantz

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