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So Venus in Cancer has been hanging out with bitch Lilith lately, so you’re feeling pretty spunky:

Venus in your sign from mid July till mid August is your annual time to shine; with radiant beauty, creative talent & sweet relationship skills. Always lovely, to harmonise connections & romance because you’re just so charming & desirable, and show off that famous creative genius, that everyone loves you for.

Also, Lilith in your sign emphasises a particular aspect of your charisma; where you are so powerfully connected to your own integrity, to rock an uncompromising version of expressing yourself. If whatever you’re on about is a bit radical, challenging bourgeois sensibilities/other people’s expectations you couldn’t give a fuq, to be honest.

As a sign often thought of as going along to keep the peace, because you’re so considerate of other people’s feelings-watch out, speaking your emotional truth & subverting the dominant paradigm is your buzz right now.

Because meanwhile, a spectacular conjunction of Mars/Uranus/Destiny Point, in your social sector is exact early August:

I mean Uranus here for several years has been tuning you in to your social conscience/principles that matter to you-and they’re more likely to be rebellious than going along with the status quo. So with the Destiny Point involved lately, you are clearer than ever about your beliefs -and turned on by the like-minded tribe/networking opportunities/cultural zeitgeist you can relate to as you go.

So Mars turning up is the fab confidence to walk your talk, and enjoy being quite the radical in the world-with the people who get you.

Then the Full Moon of August 12th is in your 8th house of intimate relationships, to bring your attention back to the personal connections you do so well:

With Saturn involved you are careful about personal boundaries & clarifying the quality of commitment, with your innate emotional intelligence to do the work to cultivate only healthy relationship dynamics. And Venus/Ceres in loyal Leo has you completely devoted to the people you truly care about, with an exquisite capacity to nurture one another. And this includes healthy relationship with yourself, beautiful self-care is important too, right?

And yes sexy attraction is a thing, with libidinous Pluto in your relationship sector any powerful attraction is obvious. If it’s hot, about deeply passionate feelings or feels powerfully transformative it’s on!

Or if you are trying to untangle yourself from something unhealthy; Saturn helps with the discipline to abstain from toxic lust/power trips etc, and Pluto helps to phoenix into a new love paradigm, free of control freakery but still open to life-affirming passion -whoever it next turns up right?

Then Mars into your soul sector from August 20th begins a rare, extended stay until March next year! Lots of time to figure out the most dynamic, goal oriented planet hiding out in your spooky house of inner communion. Ok this may not be about forcing outcomes in the outer world, but so powerful to focus on the inner work. Shamanic self-development, disciplined spiritual practice and the following the bliss of creative inspiration/magical manifestation is so energising for the rest of the year. The better to charge your batteries from within, get to know what really drives you and power forward in the world with Mars in your sign next March-more on that to come.

Image: unable to find original credit for this cool picture.


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