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So Jupiter & Saturn retro in your intimacy/shared resources sector may have you wondering what the fuq is going on; with certain people you are tangled up with financially, emotionally or sexually weirding out? Or lamenting the lack of such connections right now?

Well yeah, the peeps you normally rely on may be kind of awol for the moment-but that’s not so much because they don’t care! Maybe they are on the back foot, busy dealing with heavy issues of their own that makes them temporarily unavailable. Or maybe, with Pluto intensity in your love sector there are trickly interpersonal issues going on between you, that you are both struggling to figure out right now? I’m just saying it’s so worth not wigging out about this, better to hold space for everyone in your personal life to pull themselves together as best they can.

Especially by the Full Moon of the 22nd on lucky Jupiter is fab, for a more positive, open hearted level of trust with your nearest & dearest. Best wait for that, to make any big decisions about relationship dynamics huh? Then it gets even better, with Jupiter & Saturn direct from mid-October, for fresh, confident momentum to bond & move forward with the people you care about. How lovely, and so worth being patient with one another in the meantime right?

Meanwhile, the New Moon of Aug 8th clarifies where you stand about manifesting the intentions that matter to you. I mean with clever Mercury & the high-level inspo of Uranus involved, your mental acumen is so on point. So your busy mind is buzzing with all sorts of genius notions about how to operate in the world, with lots of cool, stimulating dialogues with like-minded folk.

And being who you are, you align all this intellectual activity with that famous emotional intelligence of yours. You’re not just dealing with abstract concepts right now; you are trusting your gut instincts to guide you forward -excellent.

And Mars/Venus also pick up your charm game, for romantic repartee. A nice time for sweet, harmonious communication with your lover about whatever is going on, flirting your head off with your crush or even an unexpected moment of attraction, chatting away with someone equally switched on who gets you-and suddenly realize they are kind of cute!

Image: vintage Cartier


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