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So we’ve spoken lots about Mars hiding out in your spooky 12th house for the last several months. And how your natural disposition has been happy to commune with your inner, creative muse; rather than waste time bitching about a lack of obvious momentum in the world. You’ve done well, quietly cultivating clear intentions in your own spiritual sanctum.

But still it must have felt good, when Mars charged into Cancer March 25th; to feel a rush of physical vitality and extroverted personal confidence.

A perfect, positive attitude to begin April on the front foot, with Mars in the first degrees of Cancer, ready to fire up your mojo this month!

Cue the New Moon, Solar Eclipse of April 20th in your 10th house of vocational success. Conjunct expansive Jupiter, for positive professional growth:

Yes this is great for creating prosperous income. Partly with next level Jupiter confidence, for brazen self promotion to monetise what you do. Partly syncing Pluto, fresh in your 8th house of biz/financial negotiations -quite the lucrative hustle vibe.

But even more so, Jupiter conjunct Chiron is the imperative to be doing something truly meaningful in the world. Especially Chiron square Mars in your sign, sync Mercury/Uranus in your social sector and Venus in your soul sector. It’s all about calling on the innate creative brilliance you’ve been cultivating in the background for the last several months. In a way you can communicate in the world with renewed self assurance. For a deeply satisfying sense of accomplishment, doing whatever you really love to do.

Because also this Moon conjuncts the Destiny Point, in your 11th house/ social sector. Part of professional satisfaction is public acclaim; especially networking/collaborating with the people you find creatively & intellectually stimulating. It’s nice to feel part of the professional/biz world around you, and contributing to the broader cultural gestalt.

So it’s important to note that this New Moon is called a Hybrid Solar Eclipse for a reason. Even though it’s officially exact in your 10th house; 15 mins later the Moon moves into your 11th house, followed by the Sun 4 hours later. So it integrates beautifully the career imperatives that matter to you, and feeling connected with the tribe and collective values that matter to you, for a real sense of belonging in the world.

What a great expression of Mars in Cancer, firing up your extroverted personality, influencer vibe (excuse that ghastly term, but you know what I mean). You are smack bang in the middle of current events, as career progress reveals itself. And after several months of Mars seeking wisdom in your 12th house, you are totally ready to inhabit this space, in the public eye with integrity. Right?

Meanwhile the Full Moon of April 6th ground all this in your home turf, the 4th house of family & domestic dynamics. Your natural inclination to nest, beautify your space and cultivate harmonious personal relationships becomes the main focus here. Because of course you are the sign to whom family matters most, whether next of kin or the tribe you gather around you. As much as Mars has you a bit more individualist than usual right now, you understand that the support of your loved ones is always the centre of your world.

Because this Full Moon opposes Chiron/Sun/Jupiter, as they prepare for the Eclipse in your career sector we spoke about, on April 20th. So the more effectively you cultivate the right foundation at home now; the more you will be able to take advantage of the vocational opportunities coming up with a healthy work/life balance.

And let’s not forget Pluto fresh in your 8th house, of sex/emotional entanglements. It pays be conscious of the relationship dynamics you are choosing right now, as they’re likely to play out for quite a while…

Image: Blanka Chocholova

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