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August is here, Leo season is upon us and the scopes are up:

In many ways it's classic Leo vibes, with Venus conjunct Lilith in Leo. For bitching authenticity about how we shine our light, show the fuq off and generally strut around being creative, brilliant, crazy diamonds -no matter what anyone else thinks about it.

I mean to the extent Leo is about the inner work, Venus in Leo retrograde is pause to interrogate our own creative process and relationship with self. For courageous honesty to be true to our own hero's journey. Never mind being in the spotlight, it just feels good to commune with our own creative muse, and the buzz of personal self-awareness.

Especially Pluto retrograde, back into Capricorn, with Mercury conjunct Mars in Virgo. We have the healthy humility, to take the time to finesse our skills and healthy wellbeing; with the discipline to get our act together on a practical physical, emotional and spiritual level.

And Mercury/Mars is how to express the courage of our convictions, with clear communication skills in all of our relationships. Especially the Aquarius Full Moon of Aug 2nd, we understand how to relate on the social scene, the more we are ruthlessly true to ourselves.

And with Venus conjunct Lilith, we are so damn charismatic, to charm and turn each other on in our personal relationships. And the best relationships thrive, not so much pussy-footing around telling each other what we want to hear; as fierce, loyal mutual respect, to appreciate the fascinating differences between us, just as much as the things we agree upon. Know what I mean?

Much more detail for your sign, with the August Horoscopes here.

Happy August folks, let's stay shiny and real x


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