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So the New Moon of Sept 7th in your sector of healthy wellbeing and day job success has your fiery ruler Mars involved. Oh my this is so excellent for your best work ethic, motivated workout regime and determination to thrive; fierce, fabulous and focused on your most important priorities for the rest of the month.

And trine Uranus in your income sector, for radical ways to monetise all that brilliant motivation rising up in you right now. And by radical I mean not just living to work or exhaust yourself chasing coin just for the sake of it; more so doing stuff that really turns you on, for a work/life balance to fund your most genuinely fulfilling lifestyle choices-know what I mean?

Especially with the healer Chiron in your sign right now, you are so aware of living true to your principles and whatever life choices allow you to feel truly comfortable in your skin. It’s all about the integrity to embody physical wellbeing, the better to embrace whatever sense of purpose is calling your name.

Also Chiron opposite Mercury in your love sector for this Moon, and Venus syncing Mars in a romantic tryst, pulled together by Mercury in your love sector. So more likely to have someone lovely enticing you and know how you feel about it; for clear, emotionally congruent communication to spark up sweet romance.

Then Venus into your sex/intimacy sector from the 11th and Mars in your love sector from the 15th ramps up the passion, with someone hot who has the courage to pursue a deeper connection. And again Mercury pulling Mars & Venus together, exact around the Full Moon of the 21st could be revealing, beautifully vulnerable pillow talk to get down & dirty & share true feelings, to emotionally turn each other on…

Meanwhile this Full Moon is also in your mystical soul sector, on magical Neptune. So as much as intoxicating, maybe soulmate romance is on the cards, you also require lots of personal space to fill your cup with spiritual/creative/cosmic inspiration from within. I mean as such an independent spirit who needs oxygen to do your own thing but also craves ardent, intense connection with a lover who means it -the perfect balance is gold here, know what I mean?

Then you are so looking forward to Jupiter & Saturn direct in your social sector from mid-October. Finally a chance to get amongst it with your tribe & good times/connection with dear friends after the last few months of feeling kind of isolated -yay something to look forward to!

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