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Lucky Jupiter in your sign, since April has been such a rush of positive, exuberant self confidence. Which is a nice counterpoint to the healer Chiron revealing your more sensitive, vulnerable side. So each time you feel a chink in your armour exposed, you embrace the beautiful growth that comes with being open about your feelings, right?

And with Jupiter lurking retrograde, on the cusp of your sign this month; it’s all about quietly cultivating expansive new ways of living, that honour your holistic wellbeing. Not so much charging forward just for the sake of forced progress, know what I mean?

Because the Aries Full Moon of Oct 10th is conjunct Chiron, to really embody whatever feelings are rising up about being you right now. Simply, authentically being your true self; in all your honest, flawed, magnificent glory is more than enough.

Also opposite Venus/Sun in your love sector, square Bitch Lilith in your home sector. So romantic partnership is a beautiful thing for this Moon. If already in love/shacked up, it just naturally feels so right to love one another up more than ever. And ok, if Lilith brings up issues about mutual respect -even simple boundaries like who does the dishes or whatever; you presumably adore one another enough to get it right? Or if single/dating, someone sweet could be coming at you, because your genuine charisma is so irresistible!

And Mercury into your love sector from the 11th, to talk about it. Perfect for clear communication, to keep it sweet with your partner. Or effective, flirty wiles to lure someone new into your orbit -if on the prowl for love?

Because the New Moon of Oct 25th is a Partial Solar Eclipse, in your 8th house of sex/intimacy conjunct Venus. Super powerful to keep romance sweet, as you deal with the nitty gritty, real feelings rising up on a deeper level of emotional, psycho-sexual entanglement. Basically you are patient with your lover’s foibles or any vulnerable moments of being more authentic with one another-only makes you fall more in love than ever. Or if a new crush makes it into the bedroom-bam, this thing could get deep & meaningful at warp speed!

Also this Moon trines your ruler Mars, firing up your communication sector for ages this year. So again, it’s all about talking about it -courageous, confident self-expression is your natural thing, and certainly your superpower to really connect with your lover this month.

Also this Moon in your 8th house is about biz/family money entanglements; and Venus involved for suave, mutually advantageous financial arrangements. So trine Mars in your communication sector is perfect, to negotiate effectively with the clear, direct point of view you do so well.

Then lucky Jupiter retrogrades out of your sign, back into your soul sector from Oct 28th. You get to retreat for a while, filling your cup by communing with your inner creative muse/spiritual practice. The better to be all charged up and ready to go; when Jupiter charges forward in your sign, by late December to be all flashy about showing off your brilliance to the world. Something to look forward to…

Image: Ksu by Daria Zaytseva

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