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So how about your ruler Mars, now officially retrograde till next January! Mars is the ultimate planet of lust for life, courageous initiative and dynamic forward momentum. So to the extent Mars has the brakes on, retro for ages we are all kind of irritated -having to slow down & figure out what we’re on about, before charging forward.

But for you it’s SO fuqing frustrating, as a child of Mars -cramping your style as an impatient, inspiring, pioneering leader in the world. Aargh, will limiting circumstances, delays & self doubt be doing your head in much?

And Mars in your 3rd house of ideas, belief systems & how to communicate your truth; it’s an actual headfuq to feel so thwarted??

Well I guess we need to talk about the positive angles of this transit-strategy, subtlety and sex:

Strategy. In terms of the art of war, which can of course play out in love/biz/social interactions. The basic Mars retro rule is anyone who initiates conflict is destined to lose, and anyone who finds themselves on the defensive, if they are being attacked will prevail if they keep their own counsel/play the game smart. So I’m just saying, if you are tempted to get angry or force the issue with certain people or situations that are temporarily stalled? Could just be a waste of energy, and worse case entangle you in some impossible struggle.

But if you take the time to step back, allow any fuqwits to play their hand & control your own impatience? Perfect to conserve your energy, and score several months ahead to do your own thing. Quiet, lowkey scheming & dreaming in the background, dark horse style is so your best look right now. The better to constructively solve stuck scenarios, finesse your plans and prepare to unleash your genius in the world by Jan-you will so have your act together by then.

Subtlety. I mean you are usually pretty good at trusting your gut instincts, in order to be accurate about acting impulsively, in the moment.

And now you tune into the more subtle cues, of the dialogues that matter to you. Taking the time to finesse your intuition a little more, allowing certain scenarios to play out & reveal themselves fully, before responding.

Sex. Yes, well Mars is obviously the most libidinous planet, hence your hot blooded sex appeal. And ha, you favour the direct approach, if you want someone you let them know. And it tends to work, as your ferocious passion is really quite romantic. But now, Mars retro reins you in. Maybe this is literally a break from sexy distractions. Perhaps you feel uncharacteristically celibate, to conserve your Qi for other things? Or your lover (especially if you are into men) goes awol/needs space for a while? Maybe your love affair or partnership reveals deeper, beautiful dimensions of intimacy OR volatile, tricky issues-and you choose to be exquisitely patient with one another, as you work it out?

Especially with the healer Chiron in your sign, this is such a lovely transit to allow yourself to be vulnerable enough to slow down & figure out the most healthy, genuinely fulfilling way to live your life. Know what I mean?

Meanwhile the Total Lunar Eclipse of Nov 8th is in your income/security sector, with the Destiny Point & radical Uranus trine nurturing Ceres in your work/healthy lifestyle sector. And opposite Venus/Sun/Mercury in your intimate entanglements sector. Amazing to ground yourself in the right daily habits, to intentionally create a productive, abundant scenario you can enjoy with whoever you love the most. Nice one.

Then the New Moon of Nov 24th in your vision/adventure sector. A liberating chance to embrace the freedom you are creating, by living well; to go chase your wildest dreams long term.

Image Anita Olsen


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