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Well I guess your ruler Mars in your home sector this month has you dreaming of the ideal domestic scenario. Which do admit might normally mean you charging around, forcing the issue with certain co-hab/family dynamics or rash real-estate decisions cos you know, you can be passionate & kind of impatient about what you want, lol.

We do love this about you btw, your fierce authenticity & all but sometimes interpersonal dynamics & a happy home require a more subtle touch?

So Mars square the healer Chiron in Aries mid-month is perfect, where you are able to be genuinely real & vulnerable about your own needs & emotional sensitivities. For a more gentle, accepting relationship with yourself for a start; which is of course fundamental to direct, honest and compassionate, supportive connection with your loved ones.

Especially with Venus/Destiny Point/Mercury action in your ideas/communication sector by the 18th. To think creatively and clearly about the intentions you are projecting into the future -the better to manifest gorgeous outcomes. You are quite the genius, magical manifester if you keep your mind and the words you speak positive right now…

Particularly sweet for clever, flirty repartee if you happen to be doing romantic come-ons with a special someone hmmm?

Meanwhile the New Moon of the 12th in your income sector trines lucrative Pluto in your career sector. So mid-month is brilliant for hustling coin; with a new perspective on transforming what you do for next level earning potential, finessing biz politics and revealing sexy new dimensions to what you’re good at for challenging/exciting vocational growth -go you!


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