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So Mars in Aries recently has had you all revved up with accelerated momentum. I mean with lucky Jupiter also in your sign you’ve got cool stuff to do; and nothing if not determined to make the most of such positive energy, whilst you have Mars in your sign to make stuff happen quicky! So you’ve been quite the busy success machine, and fun showing off your firepower…fabulous.

And you would think Mars into steady Taurus, from July 5th would settle you down a bit? I mean yes, as it’s happening in your security/money sector; July is brilliant for taking the time to ground your enthusiasm in practical ways, the better to manifest and ideally monetise your most realistic, sustainable plans in real life.

Especially the Full Moon of July 14th in your career/biz sector:

Trine radical Uranus/Destiny Point also in your security/money sector, to think long term about your most wild & wonderful goals.

On lucrative Pluto, to get an empowered sense of not only what you want to achieve professionally, for a sense of real accomplishment but also how to hustle good coin doing it.

And Mars is cruising toward Uranus/Destiny Point by the end of the month, so you know you’re working towards some kind of next level, rewarding progress by August-so worth it to stay on track!

Meanwhile this Moon also has caring Ceres in your domestic sector, with Sun/Mercury; so you are emotionally intelligent enough to find the balance between vocational ambition and nurturing your lovely home & family, right?

Especially with Venus into your domestic sector from the 19th, relationships at home, shacked up love & family dynamics feel so sweet-might as well enjoy quality time with one another.

I mean even if Venus on Bitch Lilith by the 28th is momentarily snarky, it’s trine positive Jupiter in your sign. So there is plenty of generosity of spirit, to get over trivial issues quick-smart, and back to appreciating one another for who you are.

Because then the New Moon of the 29th is time to have fun! In your 5th house of play, creative expression, good times with loved ones and showing off your natural talent. Perfect to cut loose and do whatever makes you feel good to be alive.

Image: Anais Pouliot

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