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Your ruler Mars, in your expansive 9th house this month is a hungry, restless yearning-to bust out of your comfort zone, chasing your most exciting dreams in the world. Yes you can!

Meanwhile it’s helpful to look within, to keep your aspirations spiritually aligned-with Neptune direct from Nov 6th, in your dreamy 12th house:

I mean ok, as such a dynamic sign, focused on external progress and achievement-dealing with challenges you can control in the world? The spooky 12th house, of intangible mysteries is not always your favourite place to linger…

Nevertheless, Neptune invites you to delve into your deeper, mystical soul-calling right now. Do admit, as such an idealistic creature, you are all about the hero’s/heroine’s journey-in the Jungian sense of discovering your most meaningful purpose in life, and slaying any dragons of shadow fears as you go, transmuting the dark into light with the sheer force of your own courage.

So Neptune direct reveals your most intoxicating creative and spiritual inspo, that turns you on deep down. Saturn also in your 12th, direct since November is the inner discipline to back yourself, with full integrity no matter what. Thus do you realise that despite whatever you can’t control externally, you can always control how you deal with it-from a place of personal equanimity.

Especially healer Chiron/Destiny Point in Aries, you are ok with vulnerable honesty about your human flaws-the better to embrace success as it comes, with well earned confidence as well as sweet humility.

Cue the New Moon of Dec 13th in your 9th house, for fresh perspective on your lust for life this month.

With Mars conjunct mama Ceres, in your 9th. Square Lilith in your practical 6th house, and Saturn/Neptune in your 12th house:

You get to nurture your most exciting aspirations, with the exuberant attitude you love. Pursuing schemes and dreams that are genuinely meaningful to you.

And crucially, the inner discipline to keep it aligned with your spiritual truth, as we discussed earlier. The better to manifest effectively, with intentional daily habits to do with health, fitness & work ethic routine.

Walking in a straight line, with right action in everything you do is such a turn on for this Moon!

Then Mercury retrograde, from Dec 15th in your brilliant career sector, exactly trine Lilith in your work sector. Certain tactical details may need to be finessed, professionally. But rather than get all Aries impatient, bitching about certain delays cramping your style? Isn’t it great, to enjoy the sense of accomplishment of carefully re-vamping your vocational mission, and how well you work towards it with your own, inimitable style?

Meanwhile Venus in your sexy 8th house. If you’re into bonding more deeply with your lover, seduction moments are hot-with that famous passion of yours. And even more satisfying, the sweet emotional connection to reveal the real feelings involved-now that’s Venus intimacy!

Then the Full Moon of Dec 27th, in your home sector. Your real emotional allegiance is committing to your family, domestic & shacked up love relationships. You appreciate the tribe, who have supported all the personal growth you’ve been dealing with lately. And the more you love them for it, they love you right back. As such a determinedly independent sign, it’s nice to enjoy some lovely, mutually supportive interdependence-know what I mean?

Image: Zhang Jingna

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