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So you are fully vibing with Venus conjunct Pluto, for fabulous action in your 10th house of professional success for the whole of December.

I mean with Venus in an extended tour of your 10th house, from Nov to March you already feel fabulous about the Aries career plan; just because you’re shining with brilliant talent, professional charisma, charm & good looks on the job. Excellent, it’s pretty easy to thrive right now…

Yes, and Venus/Pluto brings this into sharp focus -with the gritty determination to not only cruise along but also dig deep & discover your full potential for transformative, next level, meaningful sense of purpose in the world. Pluto basically pins down your spunky career plan and demands to know: is it deeply fulfilling, is it realistic and can it make serious coin? I mean just so you know, this combo is so wickedly lucrative could be some proper earning opportunities coming up this month-might as well get your act together & make it happen huh?

Meanwhile the New Moon, Total Solar Eclipse of Dec 4th in your adventure sector is a buzz; with clever Mercury to think big and keep your horizons wide open in terms of expansive personal growth. And maybe inspiring travel plans, depending on the weird state of the world etc. You are so turned on by getting out of your comfort zone with the confident, visionary genius you are so famous for.

Which is fully energised by your spunky ruler Mars, in your adventure sector from Dec 14th till late Jan -plenty of time to get your fierce, fabulous swagger on in the world & chase your dreams like you mean it. Nice one!

And it’s worth noting that Mars on your South Node of previous experience/innate instincts mid month, as he enters your adventure sector. So actually it’s embracing what you are already on about, and bringing it into next level, broader expression than so much having to find new goals you haven’t previously considered-know what I mean?

Then the Full Moon of the 19th in your ideas/communication sector is great to finesse your emotionally congruent communication skills, to this end. You just keep on walking your talk honestly, like you love to do -and the world responds accordingly.

Meanwhile romantic love? It’s all about someone just as switched on as you, to share a brave new way of doing things. You are excited by a kindred spirit on the same wavelength… maybe moving forward with your partner as you grow together, or if single some thrilling new attraction to be scary/turned on about?

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