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So with your ruler Mars charging through your practical 6th house this month, you’re feeling pretty good about getting your act together.

Totally motivated to work a productive, healthy wealthy & wise lifestyle:

In terms of physical wellbeing, you are all about a fierce workout regime. If you are able to -the buzz of hitting the gym, yoga mat, running track etc floods your system with life affirming endorphins! Feels so good, to feel strong & dynamic right now. And even if you need to be more gentle with your body, dealing with tricky health issues? This could be the confidence to take whatever decisions feel right, to claim your health sovereignty. Feeling good in your own body, and being well on your own terms is a powerful thing in this crazy, somewhat toxic world, right?

In terms of wealth, Mars trines lucky Jupiter & radical Uranus in your 2nd house of material security. I mean your money values right now are not necessarily about just the stability of maintaining the status quo, in a survivalist sense. More challenging yourself, with fierce Mars confidence, to monetise whatever you are really good at-no matter how innovative you have to be about it.

Especially Venus retro, conjunct Lilith in your 5th house of talent & shameless self promotion. You may be interrogating your creative process, to drill down on being as true to yourself as possible. So even if whatever you’re on about seems somewhat weird or controversial, you could give a fuq. Too busy loving the buzz of getting better at what you do, with the self-discipline you do so well, when you truly believe in yourself!

And wise? You’ve got it covered, with clever Mercury joining Mars in your practical 6th house. Smart strategies, to work your most stimulating ideas on the day job-to focus on doing stuff you actually believe in, to make a living. And intelligent ways to work holistic mind/body connection, for any health strategies you’ve got going on. The better to cultivate the life/work balance that stimulates your senses, for the kind of lifestyle that turns you on.

Meanwhile, speaking of lifestyle, the Full Moon of Aug 2nd in your social sector:

Opposite Sun, with Venus/Lilith conjunct in your 5th house of creative talent, shameless self promotion and fun. You love the freedom of being your unapologetic true self, the better to shine your weirdo brilliance. Could give a fuq what anyone thinks, as long as you get to be true to whatever you are on about. This is your natural thing, of course. And of course the people who get you so appreciate your authenticity. The better to figure out your niche in the tribe, and have fun swanning around, having a good time on the scene.

Especially by the New Moon of August 16th, in your 5th house conjunct Venus & Lilith. Trine the Destiny Point in Aries, you are so switched on to your personal calling in the world, and how to express yourself accordingly. And sync Pluto in your brilliant career sector, trine Uranus in your income sector. Your fierce creative confidence, on your own terms could actually be quite lucrative, in a professional sense?

Also Venus in your 5th house, for this Moon, sextile caring Ceres in your 7th house of love and partnership. Your flirty skills are on point, in a way that is sweetly playful enough to woo your partner, lover or crush.

I mean ok Venus being retro, with Bitch Lilith involved, you’re not fuqing around. You prefer the sexy frisson that comes with genuine mutual respect, even about the challenging qualities you find weird about each other. The passion flares up even more, with Mars in your 7th house from August 28th…

Image: Anais-Pouliot.

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