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So Jupiter in your social sector early this year had you in extrovert mode, fully engaged with your wider tribe and community. Then Jupiter in your soul sector mid-May till July 29th was a kind of hiatus, where you felt the need to withdraw from the madness of the world and fill your cup with a bit of regenerative solo time? And who can blame you, it’s pretty nuts out there.

So now that you’ve re-connected with your muse for the last few months & spiritually grounded within yourself, August begins with Jupiter returning to your social sector. You have a conscious, considered handle on where you want to place your energy in the broader scheme of things; who you want to hang out with and freshly energised to be back on the scene baby!

Also your ruler Mars, in your talent/fun sector since mid-June has been connecting you with your muse in a different way. As in wanting to lose yourself in the creative process, for the sheer satisfaction of being good at what you do, and doing stuff that turns you on for the life affirming buzz of having a good time. I mean just because quality of life matters right?

So Mars joining Venus in your work/health sector from August 1st is a chance to get on the tools, and apply your brilliance to the day job and optimum fitness/wellbeing; for the work ethic to thrive in whatever rewarding professional/lifestyle goals are calling your name right now.

Especially the New Moon of the 8th in your talent sector, with the healer Chiron in Aries and radical Uranus in your earning sector. For a healthy relationship with self, in all your flawed glory to ditch any limiting ideas of what you thought you were capable of; and have fun with fab opportunities, previously outside your comfort zone to express your full potential in the world. In other words you get to be a high functioning flake on your own terms more than ever-you adore this chance to show off your natural, spunky swagger right?

Then Venus in your love sector from the 17th is sweet for Aries romance. You are so much more likely to enjoy lovely attention from someone special in your life; or a promising attraction if single/on the dating scene. And Venus opposite Chiron in your sign around the 26th is lovely; to feel desirable for who you really are, sensitivities & flaws & all, more so than putting on the moves to impress anyone. I mean you don’t have to be ‘perfect’ to be loved, you just have to be gorgeous you x

Image: John Galliano for Christian Dior


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