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So your ruler Mars on the Destiny Point recently has clarified your thoughts about the things that matter, and Mercury into Aries from the 5th picks up your clever mental alacrity. So you’re full of brilliant ideas you want tell the world about, quite the chatterbox telling everyone the way it is. Then just when you’re doing sparkly verbal repartee, Mercury on the healer Chiron around the 9th vibes emotional at warp speed.

Suddenly conversations get deep, as you find yourself able to share your true feelings & vulnerability feels ok. One honest, emotionally intelligent ‘Us Chat’ is all it takes to get even the most challenged relationship back on track, huh? Such a nice time to keep it real.

Just in time for the Aries New Moon of the 12th. I mean New Moons are always a fresh rush of emotional clarity; and nestled between Venus & Ceres is sweet for your love life. Venus brings romantic thrills & Ceres cultivates genuinely nurturing connection. How lovely to let the people that matter know you care!

Also with Mars trine Jupiter in your social sector, superficial networking is kind of lame -much more fun to cut the crap & be shamelessly real with your tribe, no matter what they think. You love the spunky confidence of this, of course.

Same goes with Pluto in your biz sector; to get how much you are primed for gutsy professional growth. It’s so empowering to trust your instincts & say what you mean at work, knowing you have the talent to back up whatever goals turn you on.

I mean Saturn square Uranus in your earning sector means you can spin an authentic stance, no matter how controversial or whatever, into decent coin if you’re up for a radical new approach. Especially Venus/Uranus in your income sector, by the 24th is a cool moment of money manifesting magic.

Meanwhile Mars in your home sector from the 24th brings the focus to personal & domestic matters. Which by the Full Moon of the 27th reveals deep undercurrents to do with sexy intimacy and financial/family entanglements. Maybe certain people are ready to reach out & show their hand –and you are ready to open up & respond in kind huh?

Image: Naomi Campbell for Alexander McQueen for Givenchy


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