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Aquarius New Moon, exact 8.59am Feb 10th, AEDT.

To the extent New Moons are always a fresh emotional perspective, in Aqua we usually tend to analyse the hell out of our feelings. Especially when it all gets too real -more comfortable trying to understand the dynamics going on, than actually experience the real feelings rising up, in real time?

But guess what, with Pluto now getting serious in Aqua, for the next 20 years. Might as well get used to primal emo revealing the truth of what we think about things, rather than trying to rationalise our emotions-know what I mean? There's no escaping the intensity right now-it's demanding full authenticity, being honest with ourselves and one another about how we REALLY feel, ready or not!

Even if being true to ourselves, and the life force coursing through our emotional bodies feels weird and different to what certain people, and societal norms expect from us? Especially this Moon square Uranus, in Taurus. We feel it all on such a kinaesthetic level, with our emotional & physical bodies supremely aligned. And the truth rising up could be pretty radical-as we embrace our most individuated self expression.

Also Pluto conjunct Mars and sextile Saturn, to keep it real. We get the old adage, 'to live outside the law you must be honest'. When Pluto , Mars and Saturn get involved, we really come to terms with any power dynamics going on:

Maybe we are figuring the relationships, with loved ones & our tribe that support our growth-and we fully appreciate them. I mean Venus/Mars conjunct, in Capricorn is so good for solid, committed mutual respect with the right people. Yes, including beautiful love-life magic. Also hyper aware of any control freaks holding us back, in order to elegantly detach? Ideally we are not so much engaging in the drama of conflict, about who 'wins' any power trips-which just tends to get toxic at warp speed, with this astro.

Because the ultimate personal power here is just that-clarifying healthy relationship with ourselves. Our internal locus of power is not about other people, right? It's about personal integrity, no matter who's watching. Aquarius is about the crucial principles we hold dear, and constantly reminding ourselves to be immaculate about how we live our lives, according to what we believe in. The better to look in the mirror, and like what we see...

To underline the relevance of Saturn sextile Jupiter, to test the limits of our comfort zone...against the exuberant yearning rising up, for positive, radical growth. This Moon feels like permission to follow our heart's desire, into strange new territory; because the courage of our convictions is so on point.

Happy Aqua New Moon folks, let's keep the weirdness high frequency x

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