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So the big news right now is Mars in a rare, extended tour of Gemini from late August this year till March 2023. We are all buzzing with intense energy in some area of our chart, and lucky you, it’s in your 5th house of fun!

The 5th house is ruled by your opposite sign Leo, with whom you share an immense personal charisma. The 5th is fabulous as follows:

Talent. It’s all about shining in the world. I mean on one level strutting around showing off is a thing, just because you can, and sure why not enjoy the limelight? But even more the buzz of coming to terms with whatever you’re really good at; for the simple joy of immersing yourself in the creative process. Also getting better at what you do is obviously beneficial, for a sense of accomplishment and legitimately being noticed by the right people. Confident self expression is about allowing your personal radiance to reveal itself, just by being your authentic, kooky, weird & wonderful self. Brilliant.

Play. Quality time with loved ones, doing fun stuff is such a basic, essential joy to feel connected with your tribe, especially children if you have them, or maybe a lovely romance to enjoy? I mean Mars can trigger interpersonal conflict in some situations, but here in the 5th house it tends to be ameliorated with a positive, unconditional attitude to just being happy together. And permission to do your own playful thing, with whatever simple pleasures turn you on. Feels like you’re going to love Mars firing up your lust for life -good times matter, just because it feels good to be alive!

Meanwhile Venus in your sex/intimacy sector from Sept 5th brings passionate romantic frisson. And with caring Ceres in your partner sector; it’s those special moments with your lover, with sweet vulnerability/pillow talk that bring you together. Especially Venus square Mars being romantic around the 16th, you are quite the sensitive, seductive love machine this month-and so much more likely to have someone gorgeous to reciprocate the desire to love like you mean it. I mean Mercury retrograde meeting Venus by late Sept could reveal some tricky love conversation but that’s ok, with Ceres involved feels so easy to reach mutual understanding-because you both care.

Then the Full Moon of the 10th in your 2nd house of material security would normally have you supremely savvy about getting your financial shizz together. And spooky Neptune involved could be magical manifesting brilliance, to score the cash you need to chase your beautiful dreams; especially with bitch Lilith in your work/wellbeing sector, you are so ready to claim & create the authentic lifestyle you desire. Also you want to watch out for hare-brained financial schemes-big time! Neptune can be maddenly delusional, so the more crazy exciting some scheme is, the more you want to triple check the practical veracity of it, know what I mean?

Because the New Moon of the 26th is in your expansive vision sector, opposite positive Jupiter in your ideas sector. So the force is strong with whatever plans you’re hatching right now, with the exuberance to chase your wildest dreams. Which is brilliant, of course.

And a reminder that as a rebel with a cause, bucking the system with your innovative genius-‘to live outside the law you must be honest’; with crystal clear intentions, immaculate with your word and follow through with total integrity if you want to thrive.

Because taskmaster Saturn, retrograde in Aquarius can be a bitch, tripping you up if you get lazy. But can also be your best friend; with sufficient discipline you can totally manifest your dreams in tangible reality, for a well-earned sense of satisfaction & personal accomplishment. Go you!

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