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Oct begins with Venus in your 9th house of higher, visionary ideals opposite Jupiter in your 3rd house of ideas & communication. The most creative planet with the most positive, expansive planet is such inspiring perspective to begin the month. So lets talk about that:

One of the brilliant things about your famous genius is that it’s both about the integrity of eccentric individuality and integral, mutually supportive social dynamics.

So you are the sign most relied upon to love your tribe, as a key part of your friends circle/local community/humanitarian cultural zeitgeist; but also, frustratingly for certain control freaks, completely unwilling to follow rules or do as you are told. We love this about your idealistic attitude to personal sovereignty. You are all about being a good human in the world, and totally get that ‘to live outside the law you must be honest’.

Because each sign has a shadow to grapple with, and do admit you can go to town judging the hell out of everyone else; bitching & moaning if they fail to live up to the standards you try to maintain? Because also you are so capable of empathy, to understand we are all flawed & often trying our best, at different stages of our journey-and can be the most unconditionally supportive person of all, with your fellow humans.

Which is only fair, as you tend to give yourself a free pass to be a weirdo, when the mood strikes & no-one else knows what the fuq you’re on about, know what I mean?

So the Full Moon of Oct 10th on healing Chiron in your 3rd house, opposite Venus/Sun in your 9th house is perfect. All about feeling into your gut instincts, without too much complex analysis, for an emotionally congruent approach. The better to be comfortable in your skin as you walk your talk with ease, impeccable with your word for harmonious communication and crystal clear intentions you can manifest for real.

Especially Mars in your 5th house of play, talent & self expression till March next year. An unusually long time for Mars to rev up your spectacular confidence, to strut around feeling good about who you are with total authenticity. So having a good time just for fun -yes it feels good to be alive!

Also you don’t want to scatter this Mars firepower too much, when it can be used so effectively; trine Venus by the 18th, to magically manifest the goals that turn you on. It looks easy, but you get the discipline required to focus your creative energy, with intentional outcomes in mind right?

And Mars in your play sector trine Venus is also sweet romance. Making quality time with your lover is so worth it. With nurturing Ceres in your intimacy sector, just to let each other know how much you both care. And Venus calling you guys to share some adventurous new plans together, could spark up the buzz between you. Or if single your flirty, seductive wiles are so on point -especially likely to meet someone promising somewhere exciting, that you don’t usually hang out?

Then the New Moon Oct 25th, in your career sector is a Partial Eclipse conjunct Venus. Totally brilliant to harness all that Mars determination we’ve been talking about, to show off your natural talent professionally. A most auspicious time to shine on the day job, pitch your biz to the right people, polish your brand etc. Your instincts are bang on, to focus on whatever vocational outcomes you desire.

And with Bitch Lilith in your work/lifestyle sector, you aint compromising. Your unique talent/skills are what set you apart; to negotiate a gig that provides maximum creative satisfaction, with the work/life balance to thrive on your own terms.

Image: Solange


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