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So Mars, the most fiercely confident planet of all; powering forward in your 5th house of innate talent, personal confidence, shiny self expression & play has felt fabulous recently. Like a free pass to get your joy on, embracing whatever you love to do.

And Mars now officially retrograde, from Nov 1st till January, is going to cramp your style like a bitch?

Well yes it may slow down the momentum, force you to do due diligence on any hare-brained schemes, delay certain outcomes and dampen certain appetites, that have been turning you on until now? Frustrating much?

Might as well focus on the positive angle -you get time to slow down & be in the moment:

Maybe enjoy the creative process, with a lovely playful attitude, to reveal a new perspective about whatever you’re creating-sans worrying about outcomes?

And even if you have certain goals to achieve; you somehow score extra time to cultivate the plan with lovely patience, until it’s ready for fruition-and unleash upon the world from next Jan.

Mars trine Saturn in Aquarius by the end of Nov is perfect. To harness the discipline required, to be a dark horse success machine, quietly finessing your genius in the background.

Or just bunking off altogether, taking a break from trying to be productive at all, and have some fun instead. Bearing in mind this is meant to be regenerative down time, taking rest & doing healthy stuff that fills your cup. Because any toxic, recreational habits you may have been indulging now just feel like burnout-and you just can’t be bothered burning the candle at both ends, know what I mean?

Bitch Lilith in your health/work sector has your number. To get really honest about whatever lifestyle habits/work ethic balance is genuinely productive & fuels optimum wellbeing. As opposed to depleting your energy, running around in circles doing random distractions or bitching about things you can’t force for the moment, right?

Meanwhile the Full Moon of Nov 8th is a Total Lunar Eclipse, in your 4th house of home & family. It’s a cracker!

The Moon on Uranus/Destiny Point reveals any restless feelings about your domestic situation. Maybe relationship dynamics at home/with your tribe are ready to evolve at warp speed. I mean even if volatile emotions are unleashed -to address certain, tricky issues that have been brewing lately? It doesn’t have to be drama.

Ideally sudden clarity, to get real honest with your loved ones, the better to move forward together. Especially trine caring Ceres in your 8th house of romantic passion & personal entanglements; such a beautiful moment to accept one another’s foibles, with full compassion to love one another no matter what.

Or, if any turgid old expectations from certain peeps are just impossible, doing your head in? Perfect moment, to free yourself and move the fuq on.

Also you may suddenly be considering wild new options, to do with where you want to live? If there was ever a big, exciting move, attracting you to your soul path somewhere you’re meant to be -this could be it!

And opposite Sun/Mercury/Venus in your professional sector. It’s all about inspiring opportunities to grow, toward your most clever, creative vocational growth. Right time/right place synchronicity to thrive is brilliant this month.

Then the New Moon of Nov 24th in your home turf, the 11th house of social networking, connecting with the cultural zeitgeist and friends you adore. With Venus/Mercury conjunct, the natural charisma & intelligence everyone loves about you is so on point –you are so turned on by this chance to get amongst it, with your tribe!

Image: Arthur Belebeau


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