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So Nov is all about the positive, empowering vibes of lucky Jupiter exact on Pluto; and for most signs it’s to do with forward progress in the world-but for Aqua it’s in your soul sector for a more inner personal growth, dare I say spiritual experience.

As in you’ve already conquered quite a few personal demons with the hard yakka personal growth of Saturn/Pluto recently; and now with Jupiter optimism you get that that, like the caterpillar in a chrysalis, the old you is already renewing itself as you discover your potential to transform into something even more wonderful!

Excellent that you’re so onto it, and perhaps the sign most consciously navigating the wild ride that is 2020. You get that there’s no point dwelling on old paradigms, and like the forward thinking visionary that you are might as well embrace totally new, expansive possibilities with zeal. Well done you, and as usual also helping to inspire the rest of us to wake up & keep up with our collective evolution…

Yes because meanwhile Mars turns direct mid Nov, after 2 months retrograde in your ideas & comms sector; where thwarted progress & having to navigate weird misunderstandings/tetchy standoffs with certain people has been doing your head in recently? And hopefully without conflict, which would have got you nowhere fast during retro phase anyway.

But now Mars direct is a rush of positive energy, to speak up, initiate constructive conversations & get busy manifesting your cool plans (that you’ve had time to scheme/dream & finesse lately) into reality. For the rest of the year you are a brilliant, proactive creatrix; making fab stuff happen just cos your savvy, confident magical manifesting skills are so on point.

Especially with Mars direct bang on the New Moon of the 15th in your biz sector, which is so wonderfully auspicious to launch fresh career initiatives & generally unapologetic success mojo to get ahead. And with Mercury involved it’s your clever mind, charm & famous networking skills that really work for you here.

Including the Aqua love life, where confident, sparky, flirty dialogue is the aphrodisiac-the best lovers are the ones you can talk to about anything, for a sexy meeting of minds huh?

Image: via, age of aquarius shoot.


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