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So Jupiter & Saturn in your sign for the last year have been a strange mixture of restrictive circumstance & challenging personal discipline just as you are most driven by an exuberant, positive sense that your time has come to live large on your own, liberated terms. Ok frustrating but it has given you the confidence to be true to yourself no matter what, and that true freedom is choosing how you deal with tedious crap & thriving anyway -more so than sitting back and bitching until things get easier- know what I mean?

Of course you get this, as the most innovative sign who can find rad solutions to hustle any scenario advantageously. And lucky Jupiter in your income sector from mid-May brings cool inspo to make those dreams of yours financially possible in the coming year-because do admit Saturn has made you so much more savvy & pragmatic, even under duress to patiently coax your schemes into tangible form.

Especially New Moon of the 12th with Chiron in your ideas sector syncing Mars in your day-job sector & your maverick ruler Uranus to embrace your fabulous, weirdo genius rather than waste time fretting about being misunderstood or whatever. Because nurturing your brilliant, innate intelligence is a special kind of self-care; to trust your instincts, look after your health & wellbeing cos you actually like yourself and fire up a fierce work ethic to realize your goals-they matter!

Then Venus on the Destiny Point/Mercury by the 17th to finesse whatever unique creative skill sets you ahead of the game for optimum, adaptable long-term success in this changing world.

Also the New Moon clarifies domestic & family dynamics, for loving connection with your tribe. And Venus/Destiny Point brings lush romantic action, if you’re in the mood for quality time with a lover you want to build a future with?

Image: Iman photographed by Hedi Slimane, Interview Magazine


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