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So how have you been going, with Pluto in Aquarius since early April? The most volcanic, transformative, passionate intense power planet is quite a trip to have in your sign huh?

I mean after Pluto in your soul sector for the last several years, you’ve certainly done the inner work; as Pluto reveals any unconscious issues you’ve been struggling with, to become so much more self-aware & spiritually switched on. Brings to mind the famous line “there is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in”.

…you’ve been on quite the hero’s journey, in Jungian terms of facing your demons and digging deep to find your incandescent inner angel. Well done!

So recently, Pluto in your sign is what to do about it, in terms of empowered living in the real world. The courage to live passionately, like you mean it is the next stage, you’ve had a sneak preview of since April.

Which brings me to the point-Pluto back into your soul sector from June 11th till next Feb. So for the rest of this year you are kind of lurking in the background, finessing the integrity of your intentions and creative inspiration. Patiently preparing to bust out; ready for an intense, courageous, life-affirming, potentially lucrative, sexy & transformative chapter of your life from Feb -for the next 20 years!

To use the metaphor of the caterpillar in the chrysalis: it’s like the your butterfly wings have sprung, squirming around in a restless, semi-uncomfortable state of being so close to renewal -but just a little more time of magically transforming into your full brilliance, before you fly free. And unlike the brief butterfly life span -you have 20 years coming up, of brave new Aquarius magnificence! So worth the patience, to finesse the process for the rest of this year, right??

Meanwhile, the Full Moon of June 4th in your home turf, the 11th house of social networking. For the buzz of being out & about on the scene, as a social butterfly having fun and good times with your crew/bonding with close friends. Also tuning into your meaningful goals social conscience, to do with how you fit into the broader cultural zeitgeist around you. I mean as such a principled creature -this is important, right?

Also this Full Moon is just in time for Venus in your love partner sector, from June 6th -for a rare, extended stay till October! With gorgeous romantic action more likely to come your way, it’s Aqua mating season for the next 4 months, baby.

Especially Venus conjunct Mars, brewing throughout June. With Bitch Lilith involved, to keep it spicy. Attraction magic, and compatibility with your partner/lover renews the passion beautifully. Or if single/on the prowl…a perfect time to lure someone gorgeous towards you.

Also Lilith is not into compromise -your relationship attitude is all about mutual respect. As in you are into being fully authentic about who you are, including any challenging aspects of your personality. Thank you Pluto. So you fully appreciate a lover who can take you as you are, and is turned on by your uniquely weird, sexy charisma. And in return you embrace, and understand your lover’s weirdness that, do admit, turns you on?

Then the New Moon of June 18th, in your fun 5th house. A nice moment to enjoy showing off your creative talent, just because self expression feels so good. And playful flirty wiles, for the possibility of sweet romance.

Image: Patriot Belle


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