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Saturn retrograde in Aquarius is your pragmatic vibe this month -working valiantly to keep it together and clean up your act, no matter what challenges life is throwing at you. The integrity to stay grounded in whatever intentions matter to you and the perseverance to follow through, no matter how long it takes is your superpower right now.

Also Saturn is caught between Pluto & Neptune:

Pluto retrograde in your soul sector wants to do the inner work, with an empowering sense of personal transformation where you get to slay your demons, discover your deep lust for life and phoenix into a regenerative new phase of meaningful spiritual purpose.

Especially with lucky Jupiter in your ideas/communication sector, you understanding the power of positive thinking is not just some fluffy concept. Every single belief you give energy to and word you speak literally manifests in real life; so might as well keep your intentions conscious and stay immaculate with your word. Know what I mean?

Neptune retrograde in your financial security sector -this one is tricky. Could be super inspired to earn a living doing stuff that really matters, for genuine job satisfaction-thank you Pluto sorting out your priorities and productive, nurturing Ceres in your work sector. And Saturn says yes you can manifest the right opportunities to do so, because you’re prepared to back yourself with good old discipline.

Especially with Venus in your talent sector, getting better at what you are naturally, brilliantly good at feels so right.

Or could be weird, hare brained schemes to get delusional about, and when they don’t work you decide life is a bitch and give up? Or you’re onto some fab plan, and because it takes a little longer to come to fruition you get frustrated and give up, just when you were about to thrive?

Either way pragmatic, patient Saturn is your friend… a persevering attitude is so character building and how you make life reward your efforts with successful outcomes, obviously.

Meanwhile Mars into your home sector from the 5th, joining your ruler Uranus on the Destiny Point. You are kind of restless about the domestic scenario, to say the least.

Maybe you have big real estate plans; to upgrade Casa Aquarius to your liking with a reno/design overhaul/property venture, or even feel called to relocate, with an opportunity to scope out a new home base suddenly revealing itself?

Maybe your family dynamic/domestic relationships are all fired up? I mean this could be tetchy, if there is conflict brewing watch out -you could be so easily triggered! Um watch that, if you feel like drama just for the sake of disrupting the frustrating status quo? Much better use this vibe to constructively clear the air, find mutually liberating/innovative ways to live together and you know, connect with your tribe. Obviously.

And yes this includes romance. Perfect astro to re-ignite the chemistry with your shacked up lover; not just sexually but also share cool, exciting plans to create the home you want to share?

Or if single/dating, some thrilling seduction on home turf-especially by August 1st, so that’s something to look forward to.

Meanwhile the Full Moon of July 14th in your soul sector picks up on all that Pluto transformation we spoke about earlier; to get in touch with whatever inner growth unleashes your personal power.

Then the New Moon of July 29th in your love/partner sector, is so beautiful on emotionally nurturing Ceres. A new perspective on bonding with your special someone, and trine lucky Jupiter in your communication sector a chance to speak up, and let them know how much you care x

Image: Charles Guo


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